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Top 10 Greatest St. Louis Rams Moments: The Honorable Mentions

We kick off our top 10 Rams moments in St. Louis with a handful that didn't make the cut.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the Rams have officially moved (albeit not physically) from St. Louis to Los Angeles, we're going to count down the 10 biggest moments of the St. Louis Rams era.

We'll get into that top 10 tomorrow, but here are five moments that didn't make the list:

Robert Quinn's 2013 season

Year three for Quinn was a monster one: 19 sacks, seven forced fumbles, the franchise season sack record and being obviously the Best Most Dominant Defensive Player of 2014.

Steven Jackson's helmetless run

Steven jackson helmetless run

Good lord, I love me some Steven Jackson.

Harvey Dahl - "That's not %$#@ing holding"

Tell 'em, Harvey.

Back-to-back shutouts in 2014

Over 120 minutes of football from November 30 - December 7, 2014, the St. Louis Rams outscored their opponents (the Oakland Raiders and Washington) by a combined 76-0.

That was some very good football.

Michael Sam

This one was the toughest one to exclude. Obviously for historical reasons, it stands out, but less perhaps for the Rams or St. Louis and more for football in general. And given that he wasn't able to make the 53-man roster, it was tough for me to put it in the top 10. When I think back of the most memorable moments of the St. Louis Rams, I honestly don't think of drafting Michael Sam. When I think about the most important or the ones having the most long-term impact? It might be at the top.