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Random Ramsdom 1/19: Los Angeles Season Tickets Open, Attract Star Power

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The Rams opened up season ticket deposits, and the first man to sign up was none other than Magic Johnson.

Larry Busacca/Getty Images


--- Reminder of Importance on Rams' QB ---
Aside from perhaps Denver, the conference title games are filled with exceptional QBs.

--- Should Rams Take Flyer on RGIII? ---
Should the Rams seek to put icing on the cake for the RGIII trade and resurrect his career?

--- Big Question Answered, Many Others Unanswered ---
Who will fill this staff? This roster?

--- William Hayes Considering His Future Options ---
Will Hayes suit up as a Ram in LA?


--- CBS Sports Mock ---

--- Bleacher Report Mock ---


--- Fast LA Rams Facts ---
Quick facts about the Rams in LA.

--- Season Ticket Campaign Launched ---
As of 10 AM on Monday, deposits for tickets are available.

--- Rams Sacked with Real Estate Reality Moving from STL to LA ---
STL is a much, much cheaper place to live than LA.

--- Howard Balzer Talks Rams Leaving STL ---
Another voice chimes in on the exiting Rams.

--- Magic Johnson, First Season Ticket Reservation ---
Perfectly embodying the celebrity image of LA, Magic Johnson is first dibs on tickets.

--- Dickerson, Everett See Stars Lining Up for Rams in LA ---
LA is a whole new ball game.

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By percentile, these are some of the best ranking defenses to make the last set of games.

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Could it be? In all likelihood, it will be the end of an era.

--- Disastrous Numbers of Underclassmen Declaring ---
A projected estimate of 100 are declaring, about 40% of which may go undrafted.