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Monday Evening Open Thread: Super Bowl Picks, Magic Johnson Tix, and Bone Tomahawks

Harry How/Getty Images

Good evening, Rams’ fans.  I’ve got a few minutes, and though I realize it’ll be tough to drag you away from mock draft mania, figured I’d whip up a lil evening thread in hopes of some friendly Monday evening banter.

So what’s happening?

Super Bowl Picks?

I couldn’t tell you the last time the 1 and 2 seeds in each conference made it to the championship game[s], but that’s what we’re looking at in 2016.  Cardinals vs. Panthers, and Patriots vs. Broncos.

So who ya got?  If you’re rolling with the top seeds, it’s a Panthers/Patriots Super Bowl.  Underdogs?

And what are your thoughts on Steven Jackson being the Pats’ running back?  Does your disdain for such a disgraceful organization [I’m looking right at you, Adam Vinatieri], not allow you to want a ring for SJAX?


At this point, regardless of the topic, it’s extremely difficult to believe anything that comes out of Jeff Fisher’s mouth.  That said, he’s made it clear that it’s Case Keenum’s job heading into 2016.  Sure, there’s still the draft, and the entirety of the offseason, but how "locked up" is that job?

Let’s assume the Rams don’t draft a QB in the 2016 NFL you think Nick Foles or Sean Mannion stand a [better] chance at being the team’s signal caller come Week 1?

Got Your Ticket?

The Rams launched their season ticket deposit campaign on Monday.  You give them $100 [refundable] and you’re in the first-come-first-serve line for tickets this year.

First in line... Magic Johnson.

Do the Rams have your $100 [and all the interest gained over the next 8 months]?

On Guard!

For the first time in a long time, it looks as though the Rams might have several serviceable offensive line...assuming they can stay healthy that is.  Sure, they need to shore up a few positions; center being one of them.

But is left tackle another?  Greg Robinson - 2nd overall pick from 2014 - oftentimes struggles.  And it’s creeping into the mind of fans that maybe he’s not the right guy for the job.

It’s not to say he couldn’t be serviceable for the Rams’ on the offensive line, but some suggest moving him inside as a guard.  Jamon Brown played well early on in 2015, prior to suffering season-ending injury.  Rodger Saffold, as usual/expected, suffered season-ending injury [again].  One would think he might be a cap casualty for the Rams this offseason.

So if stud run-blocker Greg Robinson gets moved inside, he’s partnered with who?  Jamon Brown most likely.  And that leaves Garrett Reynolds as a very cost-friendly, viable [and versatile] backup.

Then what of left tackle?  They’ve tried signing a big named free agent left tackle in recent years.  That was....uhh...yeah, they’d have to draft one.

That a move you think the Rams are willing to make?

Seen Any Good Flicks Lately?

I may go see a movie tomorrow, but I’m not certain.  I find Tuesday matinees to be the best time [ever] to head to the theatre.  And I’m not talking opening week either.  I’ll let this ish simmer for a while before even contemplating viewing anything on the big screen.

So no, I have not seen the newest Star Wars.  Or Creed [which often confuses me with a band almost as despicable as Adam Vinatieri].

I did, however, watch a movie at home last night called "Bone Tomahawk."  It stars Kurt Russell, who’s a Sheriff in the Old West.  He sets out, with the dude from the Fargo TV show, to find Fargo TV Show guy’s wife...who was abducted by some savage cave-dwelling people.

I won’t post the short video [which is definitely available on YouTube], but it features one of the most gruesome scenes I’ve ever seen in any movie.  I watched a dude get scalped [by a Bone Tomahawk], then had that scalp hammered into his mouth as he screamed.....all while he was flipped upside down and then chopped in half [baby-maker first] by that same gotdamn Bone Tomahawk.

If that piqued your interest, just Google "bone tomahawk scalping" and you’ll catch a glimpse of that awesomeness.

Anywho....what should I be seeing these days? Theatre or DVD.