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2015 Rams: Should they Stay or Should they Go? Part 1 - Front Office

Emphasis on the 'should'. Let's take a final look at the Rams and their 2015 season...

Michael Thomas/Getty Images

Stan Kroenke

Regardless of which side of the relocation drama you find yourself on, there's no arguing that this guy is a jerk. He burnt a lot of bridges and lost a lot of fans in St. Louis because of his actions. As a neutral party in the relocation shiznit - I have next to no allegiances to the cities of LA or StL - I want this guy gone. An NFL team isn't a license to print money. It's an emotional investment for millions of fans. Fans that he cares nothing about - aside from how much dough they're going to bring to Inglewood.

I'm with Doug on this one: "I don't think ANY owner should move a team, EVER."

Verdict: GO

Les Snead

Snead is an interesting case to investigate. He hits in the draft, but misses big in free agency. Save for Greg Robinson, most early round draft picks have been a success. On the other side of the coin, unless its a value signing, he does a poor job at valuing free agents.

Given the youth of the Rams roster coming of age - and expecting second contracts - its fair to question whether Snead will retain the best talent. That being said, building through the draft is how you put together a solid roster, and Snead has shown the ability to do that - even if Fisher can't get wins out of it.

The thing that put Les over the top in my eyes was his trade savvy. The RG3 bounty and Mark Barron trades showed that he can both fleece a needy team and find value in another team's castoffs.

Verdict: STAY

Jeff Fisher

While 7-9 is technically an improvement over 6-10 in 2014, it's not nearly good enough in year 4. Yes, he has built a potentially dominant defense, but the offense is historically bad.

I know he's $tan's puppet and isn't going anywhere, but that doesn't change the fact that he should be gone.

Verdict: GO

Rob Boras

Unfortunately for Boras, he never really had a shot in the 2015 season. After being passed over for Frank Cignetti last offseason, he replaced him with 4 games left in the season. Realistically, he wasn't going to be able to make any changes in 2015 - even if Fisher would have allowed it.

The reality of the situation is that it's gonna be Fisherball for the Rams regardless of who is the OC, "Passing Game Coordinator", or anyone else on the offensive staff.

Verdict: Could Have Done Better

Gregg Williams

Williams has reestablished his place among the elite Defensive Coordinators in the NFL. Has he been given an insane amount of talent to work with? You better believe it. But he has also made the most of that talent while dealing with injuries to key contributors like Chris Long, Robert Quinn, T.J. McDonald, and Alec Ogletree.

Make no bones about it, this man is earning his keep with the Rams.

Verdict: STAY

John Fassel

Ever since the famed "Mountaineer" play vs the Seahawks in 2014, Fassel has been revered by Rams fans. He has Johnny Hekker producing at a Hall of Fame level, has placed Benny Cunningham among the best kick returners in the NFL, and has put Tavon in a position to succeed.

The only knock against Fassel is his failure to get consistent kicking out of Greg Zuerlein, who finished last in the NFL in kick accuracy - but that's more on Legatron than Fassel

Verdict: STAY