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Dishonest On Display For Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher, General Manager Les Snead In Post-Presser Interviews


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

We've said it for years. You just can't put a ounce of belief into anything the Rams say, from the front office to the coaching staff. It's meant to play the media away from any responsibility. It's meant to restore faith in a team that is out of excuses for why they haven't been able to put a single winning season together since 2003.

This are two quotes from Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher in the same interview:

It came first. Everybody was wondering all year. It wasn't a distraction, but the news came quick on Tuesday.

[The Inglewood stadium] is very, very impressive. Been involved with some of the meetings over the last year and the wow factor is off the charts.

"The news came quick."

"Been involved...over the last year."

Look. At some point, we just have to discredit every single interview Jeff Fisher does. It's all, and I mean all of it, just coachspeak to meet the obligatory nature of these interviews. Remember in December when Jeff Fisher said he was out of answers? You have to understand what he meant. He was just out of BS to spew to Thomas that would get him through the interview. Maybe Fisher is more honest with the media off the record. Maybe he actually clarifies things and explains them to reporters when he's not being recorded or transcribed. But he isn't with us. And he's not forced to by the media either. It's also worth pointing to NFL Media's recent blurb on why Fisher isn't in any real jeopardy of losing his job after four losing seasons:

Fisher also has strong ties with reporters, which tends to keep the criticism of his team to a minimum.

On the other hand, here's Les Snead explaining away the Rams' losing fortunes for four years now that he and Fisher have completely rebuilt the roster in their image:

A few years ago, it was a tough start. What we decided to do is draft in the belt, Have a lot of young players so when this thing did tip, we had a sustainable product. So we've been attempting to do that.

See here.

And then after talking about stability at the QB position, Snead actually throws this out:

The guy that finished our season, Case Keenum, nearly finished the season 4-0 who was at one time playing like a top 10 QB when you look at the analytics.

Snead makes a fair argument about nuking "analytics" into the exoatmosphere, even if what he's referencing aren't useful analytics.

Look, it isn't an indictment of Los Angeles or LA fans to just be honest about the whole cabal here. Owner Stan Kroenke, Chief Operating Office Kevin Demoff, General Manager Les Snead and Head Coach Jeff Fisher have just been completely duplicitous time after time after time with the fans. They've been enabled by a media rampart that has been entirely uninterested in providing a check against their public statements. Whether it was relocation or the inept offense or roster moves or general coaching and management...


And if it never gets fixed, well...the only people who are really losing out are the fans. And it's entirely obvious that Rams fans, regardless of where they live, don't matter much to this franchise.