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2016 NFL Playoffs: Sunday Divisional Live Open Thread

After an unbelievable Saturday duo, today's final pair of divisional playoffs have a high standard to live up to.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

#6 Seattle Seahawks at #1 Carolina Panthers - Sunday, Jan. 17, 1:05pm ET, FOX

Russell Wilson vs. Cam Newton. With the quality we got yesterday, this one is set up to be entertaining, but the bar is pretty high. Still, you have to wonder who breaks in this one.

The Seahawks finished the regular season on a 8-2 run with the only two losses coming against the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams, both of which were in Seattle. Of course, a Week 17 36-6 trouncing of the Cardinals in Arizona helped propel the Seahawks into the playoffs on a positive note. Last week's escape in Minneapolis, though, should ask fair questions about the Seahawks on the road today.

Carolina, on the other hand, was the team of the regular season going 15-1, dabbing their way into the playoffs. With the extra rest from a first-round bye, how will they come out to start the game today? Will the lack of talent in the passing game finally show up against the Legion of Boom?

#6 Pittsburgh Steelers at #1 Denver Broncos - Sunday, Jan. 17, 4:40pm ET, CBS

Big Ben is not made of human bones and flesh. Dude is indestructible.

Meanwhile, Peyton Manning is alive and...not well. But he's alive. And that sets up a hell of a interesting close to this round.

The conference championships are a week from today.