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New Look Los Angeles Rams Completely Shed St. Louis Image


The Los Angeles Rams unveiled their new logo today:

LA Rams logo

It's a huge departure from their previous logo branding in St. Louis:

St. Louis Rams logo

See how the gold is a little darker? Yup. Totally different.

The franchise also re-branded their web presence. Previously, the team's web home was at That site has been re-branded to fit the new name of the franchise. The new URL...would it be CNN Money reported that the owner of that domain was a Rams fan himself who didn't sound all that intent on holding the domain, noting that MLB's Texas Rangers paid $375k to pick up

No, the new digital home for your Los Angeles Rams

The Rams.

The owner who moved a franchise to drop $2.6 billion wasn't willing to fork out the money to get, so we're settling on the blandest name possible.

How about Twitter? I mean, those have to be cheaper than websites, right? @LARams has to be the obvious one, yeah?



Your government-issued, generic Rams.

New home. Same Rams.