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Turf Show Times' Most Active Members In 2015

Here are the TSTers who made the most out of 2015.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Most FanPosts

AlohaRamFan 20
Rainman23 18
tostitos 18
richromeo21 15
13-Warner 15
jorgeocampo 15
Tacosthecrow 15
Rock 2 Ram 14
Kratos74 13
tyty364 12

The ultimate sign of TST dedication, the FanPost. I see you!

Most FanShots

3k 86
Ramsaddiction 9
Brandon Bate 8
Douglas M 7
Sean Wilkinson 7
ColoradoRamsFan 4
bambamrams 4
James Goldbleu 4
Thai 3
Danrarbc 3

This is kind of unfair since we use FanShots to get quick news hits out to the site and to Facebook, but Ramsaddiction is obviously pumping out more than anyone outside of the staff.

Most Comments

hbwb 6967
LA Champ 5729
Frank "Dubs" Dobozy 4913
ramsfan32 4004
ramdude 3578
BubbaKincaid 3541
Jas the Mace 3240
San diego ramman 2730
Danrarbc 2622
ColoradoRamsFan 2202

This one kind of explains itself. This is the vampire blood of TST, the lifeforce of the site that drains all other bodily functions. Four of you made the 4k club. hbwb...what can I say. You have issues. The good kind of course, but issues nonetheless!

Time to break all of these in 2016!