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Random Ramsdom 15 JAN: Cow Shit and Mock Drafts

That's an....interesting combo.

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Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Rams have Much Work to Do | ABC Sports

They have to find facilities, not to mention a fix for the offense.

Eric Dickerson Gives His View on Move | SI

Hard to fault him for saying they belong in LA

Coliseum to Get Renovations (+Renderings) | BR

$270M Worth after the 2017 season.

Popinga: St Louis Doesn't Care About Rams | SI

As the good Governor said: St Louis will support winning teams. But to be fair, both sides could have done a better job supporting one another.

Mock Draft Surprise! | Bleacher Report

Carson Wentz? Really? I mean we need a QB, but LA isn't going to tolerate a project QB.

StL Mayor: City won't Pursue NFL Again | Pro Football Talk

Hard to blame him after his city got boned.

TJ Mac Recovering | ESPN

And wondering who will play along side him in 2016

Blues Fans Voice Displeasure | ESPN

This is.... unsurprising.

Rams Biggest Need | ESPN

While Wagoner is right about fixing the Offense, anyone who insinuates the Rams need help at RB needs a mental health evaluation. That's not to say Fisher won't draft one though.....

Rams Fans Send Cow Shit to Kroenke |

Stay Classy St Louis

South Dakota Man Looks to Cash in on LA Move | FOX Sports

He owns the rights to the Rams desired domain name. Well played, sir

Winston beats out Gurley for PFF OROY | Pro Football Focus

I wonder if this is telling of how the media will hand out awards.

Donald Honored as Best Pass Rusher | Pro Football Focus

Beating out J.J. Watt and Khalil Mack is no easy feat.

More Mocking | Sporting News

Goff? Now THAT'S more like it!