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Los Angeles Rams: What’s It Worth To Nab Kaepernick, RG3, or Johnny Football?

Should the Rams be interested in Colin Kaepernick, Robert Griffin III, or Johnny Manziel? And what should they be willing to do to sign them?

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

According to Los Angeles Rams’ head coach Jeff Fisher, Case Keenum is the team’s quarterback heading into the 2016 season. But there’s still plenty of time for that to change.

In the meantime, one has to wonder if making a play for a new starting QB - someone with experience - might be in consideration.  Fisher and Co. appear to like Keenum’s abilities, but is he truly capable of leading a team to the playoffs?  Anything’s possible.

They could also lean on Nick Foles, who didn’t provide the type of results fans were hoping for last year...something along the lines of his 27 TD/2 INT campaign in 2013.  The team drafted Sean Mannion in the third round last year, but he’s still very green, having seen very little playing time last year [7 offensive snaps in 2015].

They could draft a quarterback.  But selecting 15th overall, they’d need to trade up in order to get a QB [not likely], and it’s probably far less likely any signal-caller they’d nab would be able to step in and immediately be a game-changer for the team.

So again, one has to wonder if they’d be willing to look outside of the organization for help.

The three names that come to mind:

Colin Kaepernick

2015 Yards:  1,615
2015 Touchdowns:  6
2015 Interceptions:  5
2015 Passer Rating:  78.5

Following a 27-6 loss to the Rams in Week 8, the 49ers [2-6 at the time] turned to Blaine Gabbert as their quarterback.  He’d help them secure victory the very next week, and the team never looked back.

The first problems with acquiring Kaep is that he’s not really up for sale [signed through 2020], though the notion may have crossed the minds of those who think he may have had no place in Jim Tomsula’s offense.  Which brings us to problem number two:  it’s no longer Jim Tomsula’s offense.

The 49ers signed former Eagles’ head coach Chip Kelly on Thursday, and instant reactions pointed towards the resurrection of Kaepernick’s career in San Fran.  So much so that the team actually raised the price of merchandise that had already been made clearance...
Does this definitively mean that Kelly will look to hand the reins back to Kaepernick in 2016?  It’s probably too soon to tell.  But is it more likely that he’d get the nod, given his abilities, over Blaine Gabbert?  One would think so.

A trade isn’t out of the realm of possibility.  But with Chip Kelly in town, it appears prying Kaep away from San Fran just got a little more difficult. But if Chip Kelly has shown us anything during his short stay in the NFL, it’s that he’s going to keep the offseason interesting, and no deal is off the table.

Robert Griffin III

2015 Yards: N/A
2015 Touchdowns:  N/A
2015 Interceptions:  N/A
2015 Passer Rating: N/A

After a red-hot rookie start in Washington in 2012 - one which took the Redskins to the postseason - the fortune of RG3 has changed dramatically over the past few seasons.  Injuries, and off-field drama with Mike Shanahan are what folks remember most of RG3 nowadays.

Prior the 2015 season, he was in a heated battle for the starting job with Kirk Cousins.  By September, he was their third string QB.  At the end of it, he finished with no offensive snaps, and his only meaningful reps came with the scout team defense.

Unlike Kaep though, Griffin III is on the market.  He’s just finished his rookie deal, and the Redskins couldn’t have done more to hurt his value.  Make no mistake about it, he’ll be playing somewhere else in 2016.

Will that be in Los Angeles?  It would be interesting...and very ironic, given the nature of the trade that landed him in Washington in the first place.

Johnny Manziel

2015 Yards: 1,500
2015 Touchdowns:  7
2015 Interceptions:  5
2015 Passer Rating:  79.4

Johnny Football often has "flashes" where fans are very excited about what they’re witnessing on the field.  But those are few and far between.  And in between, there’s often more bad than good...and that’s on and off the field.  He’s clearly a troubled young man, who’s struggling to get his priorities straight.

And like RG3, he’ll be available.  And it probably wouldn’t cost the Rams - or other potential suitors - very much to get him.  In a radio interview with ESPN 99.1 in Sioux Falls, SD ESPN’s John Clayton said "I just think he'll go to Dallas for a 6th round pick. Jerry Jones wants him."

Now, that’s the Cowboys, and it should come as no surprise that Jerry Jones would be interested in such a...project.  But it’s the Browns - in a trade scenario - that need convincing.  And if the Rams [or any other team] were to put up a better offer, I’m not sure Jerry would get would he wants.

It’s oftentimes difficult to find that "gem" in the latter rounds of the draft.  Would giving up a 5th [or more] be worth it for a guy drafted 22nd overall a few years ago?

Other Notable FA's to consider:  Sam Bradford, Matt Leinart