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St Louis Fans File Class Action Suit Against Kroenke

This doesn't surprise me.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Stan Kroenke had been working to move the Rams to Inglewood since 2013. He admitted as much in his interview with the LA Times. Everyone knew his intentions, but that admission paired with a bevy of statements over the years expressing the Rams' allegiance to St. Louis has raised a red flag with a group of lawyers in St. Louis who have decided to filed suit in St. Louis yesterday alleging that Kroenke deceived fans from the time he took full ownership in 2010 to his relocation of the team this week. According to the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act:

"in marketing and selling the subject tickets and merchandise and concessions to Named Plaintiffs and Class Plaintiffs, Defendants engaged in deception in that they conveyed information to Named Plaintiff and Class Plaintiffs regarding the future location of the Rams that had the tendency or capacity to mislead or deceive..."

The lawsuit seeks reimbursement for purchases made - both tickets and merchandise - along with damages for the deception.

There could be more legal action coming as well with the St Louis Stadium Task Force having spent about $16 million on the development on the proposed stadium on the Riverfront.

No word if they will attempt to get those funds back.