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Random Ramsdom 1/14: Los Angeles Rams News, Potential Neighbors, & Interest in Johnny Football

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Chargers Plan to Accept L.A. Deal, Share Stadium With Rams |  Pro Football Talk

We already know the Rams are returning to Los Angeles, and it’s looking like the Chargers will as well.

An Ode to St. Louis:  Warner Shares His Fondest Memories |  Sporting News

What every St. Louis Rams fan has been dreading became a realization Tuesday, when it was announced the team would relocate to Los Angeles.

Former Rams’ LB Says Fans "Don’t Care About the Team" |  Sporting News

The Rams will be moving from St. Louis to Los Angeles, but one former player doesn't believe the fans will care too much.

Kroenke On How the NFL Stadium Deal Got Done |  LA Times

Stan Kroenke emerged from a white jet at Van Nuys Airport a few minutes before noon Wednesday as he returned to California for the first time as owner of the Los Angeles Rams.

A 360-Degree View of the Rams’ New Home in Inglewood | LA Times

The team's new home will be a multi-billion-dollar football palace on the site of the old Hollywood Park racetrack in Inglewood. It is projected to open for the 2019 season.  Here are a few pics, as well as an interactive panoramic view of the current site.

The 10 Most Awesome Things About the L.A. Rams |  Yahoo! Sports

The Los Angeles Rams will have a weird history when we look back. It's like the kid who dreams every day of his divorced parents getting back together, and they finally do ... 22 years later.

Top 5 Moments in L.A. Rams’ History |  NFL Mocks

Time to brush up on what the Rams accomplished while in Los Angeles.  Here are the top five memories from their first stint in Cali...

What’s Next for the L.A. Rams? |  CNN

It's official: The Rams are leaving St. Louis and going back to Los Angeles, and there's a chance the San Diego Chargers will be right behind them. There definitely will be NFL action in the City of Angels for the first time in 21 years.

Interest in Johnny Football Would Be Low for 31 of 32 Teams |  ESPN

According to's NFL Nation reporters, 31 of 32 teams would have low interest in Manziel -- the Rams would be the only team that had medium interest.

Five Things to Know About Rams’ Owner Stan Kroenke |  ESPN

When it comes to the NFL returning to Los Angeles, turns out that Rams owner Stan Kroenke was the chosen one.

Rams Move to L.A. Rekindles Rivalry with 49ers |  ESPN

The St. Louis Rams receiving permission to move to Los Angeles in time for the 2016 NFL season rekindles that classic California rivalry — Bay Area vs. Los Angeles.

Donald Cleaning Up 2015 PFF Award Honors |  Pro Football Focus

PFF hands out some postseason awards, and the name "Aaron Donald" is mentioned on more than a couple occasions...

Saffold Talks eSports, Lineman Dancing, and Los Angeles |  ThePostGame

Rodger Saffold is an NFL offensive lineman, who also happens to own an eSports team and dance like he is in The Matrix. Saffold, speaking on behalf of Gillette, chats football, video games and the Rams' Los Angeles endeavors with ThePostGame.

Former Rams’ RB Lawrence Phillips Dead at Age 40 |

The tragic life of Lawrence Phillips has come to an tragic end.

Los Angeles Rams Through the Years [PHOTO GALLERY] |

The Rams are returning to L.A. after a 21-year hiatus. Take a look back at the best photos from when they last called the city their home.

The Rams’ First 48 Years In L.A. In 9 Photos, One Awesomely Bad Video |  CBS Sports

Snapshots from nearly a half decade of Rams’ football in Los Angeles, as well as an always enjoyable Rams’ video...

Politicians Blast NFL, Rams for L.A. Relocation |  CBS Sports

The city of St. Louis is distraught -- fans are understandably quite angry -- and the politicial leaders around St. Louis are pretty infuriated as well, issuing statements that take shots at Stan Kroenke, the NFL and the Rams.

Jack Youngblood Talks Rams Move to Los Angeles |  Rich Eisen Show

Will Football In L.A. Work This Time?  Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless Discuss...

Why Do You Need Two Teams in L.A.?  Jemele Hill Gives Her Explaination...