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What's Next For The Rams In The Transition From St. Louis To Los Angeles

The 2016 NFL begins on September 8, 2016. Here's what the Rams are looking at dealing with over the next seven months.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Well, here we go. The Rams received approval from the ownership of the rest of the NFL to relocate to Los Angeles for the 2016 season.

But what does that even entail? And what timeline are they on to get it done?

Inglewood Stadium

This is going to be a process in and of itself, but the biggest long-term issue is keeping the construction of the stadium at the Inglewood site on track. As of right now, it's scheduled to be completed for the 2019 NFL season.

Part of the entanglement is that the stadium is part of a much, much larger complex that is proposed to be built on the former Hollywood Park site. The NFL properties alone are going to be vast offering a new site for NFL media operations including "NFL Network, NFL digital ventures and, including a theater for premieres of NFL-produced programming and documentaries and films."

So this isn't going to be a quick process, not will it be direct. It's an aspirational project that goes well beyond a traditional stadium complex...which is part of the reason the project won such immediate support.

Location is obviously important here. The site is in southwest LA just east of Los Angeles International Airport (LAX):

Inglewood stadium zoom out

At the northeast juncture of the 405 and the 105, it's going to be a dense, trafficked and logistically compressed project to manage:

Inglewood stadium zoom in

Naming rights and sponsorships and all of might end up being the easiest part of the project.

Interim Stadium Solution

As of right now, there's no official stadium selected for the Rams to play their home games in in 2016. Reports have suggested the Coliseum is the front-runner, both for proximity and logistics. The Rose Bowl is a secondary candidate as well.

With the Inglewood facility not even scheduled this far out to be completed by 2019, approving a home venue for the interim is important to ensure the Rams maintain logistical continuity. Keep in mind, the 2016 preseason is less than 8 months away.

HQ Facilities

Perhaps the most important short-term work, though, will involve the Rams operational headquarters. Right now, the Rams continue to operate out of their HQ in Earth City, awkward but necessary reality with the offseason soon to pick up steam with the Rams out of the postseason.

ESPN's Nick Wagoner just said the Rams will continue to call that their base of operations through March. Where will they be for the draft?

Speaking of...

2016 Offseason Schedule

Here's are the major keypoints for the Rams are looking at over the next several months (full schedule at that link):

  • February 23-29: NFL Scouting Combine
  • March 7: Free agent exploration period
  • March 15: Free agency opens
  • Aprli 18: Offseason workouts can begin for teams with returning head coaches
  • April 28-30: NFL Draft
  • May 6-9: Rookie minicamp

That's what we know in the near future. What we don't know?

Team Details

What is this team going to be called? When? Will they go back to their old colors and uniforms? Who are we looking for on Twitter? @LARams is a woman who works for GoPro...

It's going to be an unprecedented and unusual offseason. Stick with us, Rams fans...