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NFL Sets Incredibly Risky Precedent By Abandoning St. Louis

The City of St. Louis sprinted to put together a feasible plan to keep NFL football. It fell short. That should worry current tenant cities.

Four hundred million dollars.

That's how much public money was not enough to convince the NFL to keep a team in St. Louis. When the St. Louis Stadium Task Force cobbled together nearly a half billion dollars, many were shocked. Bear in mind, this was a city that was already on the hook for a previous half billion dollars plus.

Bear in mind, the Rams were bought by native son Stan Kroenke in 2010 in a move that many thought signaled their long-term intent to remain in St. Louis. Former TST Manager Ryan Van Bibber knew that as soon as he took over, there was a looming issue ahead:

...the Rams have a looming stadium issue when they reach an out clause in their lease on the Ed Jones Dome in 2014. At that point, the Rams will have to find a new home, be it in the St. Louis Metro area or some other market.

Anyway, that's all down the road a bit, so let's just extend a big fan welcome to Stan Kroenke.

That was then. This is now.

The city of St. Louis now is watching the NFL make overtures to the city of Oakland to nine-digit sums while it sits spurned on a pile of promises.

So just what message is the NFL sending across the country tonight?