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NFL Owners Meeting On Los Angeles: Where Things Stand As Of Tuesday Morning

Here's where things stand as the league's ownership convenes in Houston, Texas, to discuss how the league will approach the potential relocation of one or more teams to Los Angeles, California.

So let's set the stage.

NFL ownership is in Houston, Texas, today to discuss and potentially vote on relocation for the St. Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders to Los Angeles California.

A couple of baseline issues.

1.) The NFL Committee is expected to offer its initial support for the Chargers/Raiders plan in Carson

That's chiefly because the only initial two options are the Carson plan and Kroenke's Inglewood plan, and of the two, the Carson plan satisfies the league's wishes to put two teams in Los Angeles.

2.) The push to a Rams/Chargers solution sounds real

Since the report came out in the LA Times yesterday about ownership beginning to coalesce behind a Rams/Chargers joint plan in Inglewood, that story has gained more traction that anything else. The key here is that the reporting, and many of the reporters, are coming from multiple league officials and owners not involved with Inglewood or Carson or the league committee.

For example, Bleacher Report's Jason Cole has had sources behind the Carson plan early on. The LA Daily News' Vincent Bonsignore has had clear ins with the committee.

3.)St. Louis still has a's just not a good one

As it stands, things just don't look favorable for the city of St. Louis. Right now, they have to hope that Chargers Owner Dean Spanos and Raiders Owner Mark Davis remain committed to their partnership in Carson and force the other owners to decide between their joint plan in Carson and Kroenke's go-it-alone option in Inglewood. Of course, that doesn't seem all that certain when Spanos was quoted as saying "he'll abide by whatever NFL owners decide."

And even then, if Kroenke is denied relocation to Los Angeles, there's nothing to stop him from filing for relocation elsewhere or defying the league ultimately which is of course what the Raiders did years ago, though precedent doesn't really matter in this case.

4.) In the end, many people will be upset. It's the NFL's fault.

Whether it's St. Louis or San Diego or Oakland or Los Angeles...tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people are going to be left angry at the outcome. The NFL has mismanaged this for years going back to the 1990s when the league expanded to Carolina and Jacksonville and then re-filled the Cleveland and Houston markets after those franchises left.

The executive in charge of the expansion effort?

Then-Vice President for Operations and now-NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Go back and read this report from 1993 on the league selecting Jacksonville to become the home of the NFL's then 30th franchise after being "considered a long shot behind St. Louis and Baltimore".

The path of history doesn't have an ending or a beginning. The next steps are upon us. It's up to the owners to decide which direction we head in.