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Random Ramsdom 1/12: Rams and Chargers Gaining LA Stadium Momentum

With each passing day, the likelihood of another Rams home game in St. Louis dwindles.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles

--- Case for and Against Rams to LA ---
Some reasons Rams should leave... some reasons they shouldn't.

--- Consensus Building for Rams-Chargers Move ---
Daily, it seems the Rams-Chargers plan is gaining mounting traction.

--- Hochmann: Rams' Fate Rests on One Man? ---
The Rams fate rests upon one set of shoulders. Jerry Jones? Stan Kroenke? Who?

--- St. Louis Fine Without Rams? ---
Some believe the Cardinals and Blues will suffice.

Season Review

--- Rams Report: Reviewing Special Teams ---
Rams' special teams pull off some trickery; here's a review of their performance as a whole.

--- Gurley's Special Rookie Season ---
Gurley has established himself as the franchise running back quickly.

--- FedEx Ground Player of the Year Nominee: Todd Gurley ---
And, in doing so, he's been nominated for an award. No shocker.

--- Rams Report: Reviewing Defense ---
Here's a review of the defense that, given an adequate offense, would have led the Rams to the playoffs.


--- Akeem Ayers Fumble Return TD ---
Here's one of the Rams' several defensive touchdowns.

--- Mock Draft: Rams Grab QB ---
It's either QB or WR in round one this season in my books.

--- Gaines Looking Forwards to 2016 Return ---
The Rams may lose a corner or two as FAs, but they'll return E.J. Gaines.

--- Isaac Bruce, Hall of Fame? ---
He's got the numbers; he needs the votes.

Around the NFL

--- RGIII Cleans Out Locker Room ---
Griffin, the man who claimed a bounty for the Rams, is done in Washington.

--- Burfict Suspended Three Games ---
His actions didn't go unnoticed, and he'll be sitting next season.

--- Walsh Kick Explained ---
Cold conditions? Plant foot? Here's an attempt at explaining.

--- NFL TV Ratings Climb ---
Still, somehow, NFL ratings continue to climb.