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Report: Joint Rams-Chargers Project In Inglewood Building Momentum Among Owners

Per a report from the LA Times, it sounds like there may be a consensus building...

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Per the LA Times:

Multiple league officials and owners not involved with the Inglewood project, or the competing proposal in Carson, say there is momentum to pair the two franchises in what one owner describes as a "transformational" project backed by the Rams.

The whole thing is worth a read. Credit to Sam Farmer and Nathan Fenno for actual journalism and reporting on a subject that's proven very difficult to get any inside information on to this point.

The league's committee on Los Angeles is meeting today in advance of all 32 owners meeting tomorrow and Wednesday to cover the Los Angeles stadium situation. It's possible, though not certain at this point, that those meetings could result in a vote that approves franchise relocation for one or two of the three franchises involved. As the piece notes, that vote might be done without revealing how owners voted:

There is some sentiment among owners that the L.A. matter should be determined by secret ballot to avoid the awkwardness of league partners voting against partners. A secret vote -- now used only for the selection of a commissioner or awarding a Super Bowl to a city -- would need the approval of 17 of the league's 32 owners, a simple majority.

As for Chargers Owner Dean Spanos, his previous verbal commitment to the Chargers' joint plan with the Raiders in Carson sounds like it might not be as iron-clad as it once did:

It's going to be an interesting week, Rams fans.