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NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wasn't Impressed with Stadium Proposals

While unsurprising, it is still significant.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell provided his evaluations of the stadiums proposed last week and deemed them 'unsatisfactory and inadequate.'

The report essentially says that both L.A. stadium proposals are more desirable to the NFL than anything that the 3 cities (St. Louis, San Diego, and Oakland) put forth to retain their franchises. Oakland had to see that coming as they only provided a conceptual stadium proposal.

San Diego's major issue was a public vote that couldn't occur until June, while the St Louis proposal was flawed in the NFL's portion of the financing. The Stadium Task Force asked for $300M from the NFL, where the G4 Stadium Loan program only allows for $200M. St. Louis has know this for some time, so you have to think that there have been conversations between the NFL and the city regarding the $100M difference. Common sense points to another team's relocation fees covering that gap, but we all know how much common sense the NFL has.

$100M is nothing to take lightly - even for the NFL, but it is an easier issue to resolve than a public vote in San Diego. Pair that with the consensus that the Carson project has surpassed the Inglewood project and it makes St Louis' case a bit stronger to keep the Rams.

St Louis has undoubtedly proposed the most appealing project of the current host cities, but they also have an owner hellbent on getting to LA. While we will get some clarification on the situation at this week's owner's meeting in Houston, I very much doubt that there will be resolution for this franchise anytime soon.