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Turf Show Times Humpday Open Thread: 9/9/2015

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, St. Louis Rams’ fans.  And welcome to the Wednesday evening open thread.  Feel free to talk about anything and everything you’d like stuff.

So I like beer.  I also like bourbon [a lot] and wine [a lot].  I went out with a buddy of mine [no, not 3k...he’s in trouble because of the ignorance thing] this evening to a local brewery that just opened up close to my home:  Ornery Brewery.  Good times, great least that’s what they say.  I definitely had a good time, and can always appreciate a local brewery popping up.  They’re certainly not as prevalent as wineries in Virginia.  Come at me, Napa Valley snobs!

1.  What Is Your Adult Beverage of Choice?

It’s a tricky question, I know.  It depends on the time of year for me.  As I stated, I like beer, wine, and bourbon [that’s the Kentuckah in me].  For beer this time of year [even though it’s still hot as the balls that CashCon wants to dip in 3k’s mouth], I tend to drink something a little heavier -- maybe something amber or porter.  Otherwise, I’m down for an IPA morning, noon, or night.  I’ll take down all bourbons...and not just whiskey as a whole.  Interesting little nugget:  I don’t know a ton about my heritage, but there’s a book called "First Families of Louisville" and ‘ol granpappy Bate was one of the first to settle in there.  Those delicious bourbon nectars practically course through my veins.

Enough about that though.  I’m pretty well versed in booze. Tell me what you like drinking...maybe what you’re sippin’ on right now.

2.  First Concert

So the TST writer fam uses an app called Slack to communicate about what’s going on with TST...and pretty much anything else we want to talk about.  Today I saw a complete conversation where Eric, Troy, and Brent used only acronyms.  There were no words.  It was some kind of engineering love-fest.  Weird, I know.  I felt like Tiger Woods just sitting in the corner in a suit touchin...

Somehow music came up, and I offered up the very first concert I’d ever been to.  I was 18 [I’m 33 now], and it was a Steve Miller Band concert.  George Thorogood [Bad to the Bone] opened.  Wasn’t my idea, but my girlfriend at the time - who as you can imagine at the age of 18 is definitely NOT my wife - wanted to go.  I really enjoyed it.

My second concert:  The Up In Smoke Tour with Dre, Snoop, Eminem, etc.  Pretty similar.

Eric said his was Clapton [probably just trying to one-up me].  Troy’s was Alan Jackson.  I’d definitely like to have seen both.

How bout you? What was the first concert you’ve ever been to?  I want those juicy deets!

3.  Would You Rather...

I mentioned it an article before, but my wife and I love hiking.  We hike in Virginia [where we live], we hike in Washington D.C. [which is very close to where we live], we also hike in Maryland, North Carolina, and West Virginia [which are very close to where we live].  We also hike in Nevada, Alaska...Italy.  We hike where we can.  And when we do, we challenge each other with a few "would you rather-s."  And tonight, you’re fielding the questions...

*  Would you rather burn alive or freeze to death?
*  Would you rather be eaten by lions or sharks?
*  Would you rather be rich and famous or be the best friend of someone who’s rich and famous?
*  Would you rather summit Everest or trek across Antarctica?
*  Would you rather be on a desert island with the Predator or a bunch of zombies from 28 Weeks Later?

4.  Condiments Are Important In Life

I’ve always found that a good "ice breaker" question when I’m speaking to a group of people is "if you were stuck on a desert island [tropical, hot, salt water], and you were allowed ONE condiment for the food you’d hunt/gather, what would it be?

Hint:  Salt is a stupid answer.  Don’t say it, or you too are stupid.

5.  Whatever/Rams

You can talk about whatever else you want too.  These are just a few things on my mind on a Wednesday evening.  The Rams play the Seahawks in four days, and this is definitely a Rams site, so feel free to talk about that too.

6.  Just thought of Another One...

If you could be any type of animal what would it be?  House cat life seems pretty spectacular.  That’s also a very horrible answer, especially if there’s a hanging bag between your legs.