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St. Louis Rams Practice Report: Wednesday Seahawks Tune-Up

The Rams held their second of three practices this week today.

David Welker/Getty Images

Just one more practice remains on the team schedule this week after a session this afternoon at Rams park ahead of Sunday's season opener against the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams have tomorrow off with a Friday session to put the final touches on the what plans they expect to implement early on in the game.


As Brandon Bate passed along from the weekly game notes provided from the team, Barnes is installed as the starting center. Not a huge surprise here with Demetrius Rhaney a physical force without, perhaps, a stronger grasp of the blocking assignments the center is required to adjust at the line.

Injury Report

We're close to official injury report season, but here's the practice situation:

Sounds like Bates will have to hold off on the opener, leaving a crucial special teams slot open as he's been one of the Rams' best special teams performers in recent years past. Cameron Lynch opportunity bell?

Captains Selected

This doesn't really mean a ton, but it's nice optics. If anything, it represents the impact of Bates' injury on special teams.