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Jeff Fisher Fan Approval: How Has He Done Thus Far in 2015?

Now that the preseason is in the books, how would you rate Jeff Fisher?

Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

This season we would like to get a weekly opinion of Jeff Fisher from you: the fans and readers. This will be a recurring series starting prior to week 1 (now) and after every game for the entire season - hopefully into the playoffs.  We know how quickly fan opinion can change based on previous approval polls, so we’d like to check the pulse prior to the onset of the 2015 season.

The poll at the bottom is ranked 1 to 10. We’ll use the usual 1 is "fire the coach" and 10 being "coach of the year" scale of voting. When voting in the poll please think about everything Jeff Fisher is controlling week-to-week and game-to-game: team readiness, play-calling, game management, time management, roster decisions, etc.

The preseason is over, and now it’s time for real football to begin. How did Fisher do in the off-season and the preseason? Everyone knows the team doesn’t game plan; they don’t use intricate play calling, and everything is pretty vanilla. The result was a preseason that ended 0-4...not that it matters either. The 53-man roster is set, and so is the practice squad. Were you surprised at some of the cuts that took place or some players that were kept?

What is your opinion of how Jeff Fisher guided the team into and through the preseason? Have at it.