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TST’s Tuesday Evening Open Thread. Let’s Talk About Stuff

Susan Mullane-USA TODAY Sports

Good evening, St. Louis Rams’ fans.  I figured you needed one place to talk about anything and everything on a Tuesday night.  This is that place.  You’re in it right now.

1.  How’d Your Draft Go?

I’m in a 12-team PPR league.  I picked 9th.  Talk to me...

2.  Venus or Serena?

Oprah’s there. Kanye’s wife is there.  The [potentially] greatest female tennis player of all time is there.  Who ya got?

3.  Patriots or Steelers on Thursday Night?

I’d prefer you talk about football.  But if you want to talk about deflated footballs, suspensions, and all that stuff, hey, go for it.  What I’d like to know is if you think the Steelers can take out the Patriots to kickoff the 2015 NFL season.  They won’t have Le’Veon Bell.  He comes back...well, you already know when he comes back.

4.  Brian Quick Inactive On Sunday?

...oh.  You can listen to the entire Jeff Fisher Show here.

5.  Whatever

Talk about whatever you want.  I can’t stop you.  [I can. I won’t]

You like Mac n’ Cheese?  Me too!  You like tomatoes?  You’re a terrible person.  Yeah I like tomato-based products like ketchup (catsup? catchup?). What of it?!

You buy a pack of hot dogs, you get 10 hot dogs.  You buy a bag of buns, you get 8 buns.  What gives?