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Random Ramsdom 9/8: 5 Days to Launch

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! That's where our minds are at. Cuts are through, and the roster is set. Gurley will be out. Foles will be in as our new quarterback. It's week one, and that means anything can happen. Let's beat Seattle!

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Regular Season!

He's been cleared for full contact in practice, but Gurley won't play week one.

It seems much of the TST staff is skeptical at best, but what does Nick Wagoner say?

With the Rams at home, could they possibly be a favorite?


The Rams return many of their starters from last year, but their quarterback and offensive line have massively overhauled.

Here are some possible results for this season.

Austin Davis is rocking a new uniform these days.

7 moves that caught some of us a little off guard.

The defensive line is undoubtedly our strong feature, but again, is that enough to get us in the playoffs?


After the Deflategate ruling, James Harrison is considering legal action of his own.

Nick Foles could easily be added to this list, too.

Who are the best of the second-best?

Surprisingly, Jeff Fisher isn't listed here, but I imagine a poor outing could be his last in the NFL.