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2015 St. Louis Rams: 53 Questions For The 53-Man Roster Cuts

Let's look at some questions for the Rams after the final cut down to reach the 53-man limit.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Rams have officially cut down to 53 players. In doing so, there were some surprising cuts as well as some surprising keepers. A handful of players made the final 53 that most can argue that if you didn't know the player personally, you didn't think they'd make it.

So now that the cuts have been made, here's 53 questions, and answers , about the final cut down of the preseason:

  1. The Rams used a 2016 fifth round pick to select Isaiah Battle in the supplemental draft and cut him 58 days later. Was he really that bad? YES!!!!!
  2. How did Bradley Marquez make the cut? He was exceptional in practice making plays consistently and really shined on special teams.
  3. Why did the Rams keep only four corners? Because they plan to use more packages involving a third safety, and Rodney McLeod is more than capable of playing in a nickel corner role if needed.
  4. Was Jo-Lonn Dunbar getting cut really that surprising? No. While he could have been good depth, the youth, size and athletic ability to contribute on special teams from the other backers was too much to pass up.
  5. Is Case Keenum really that much better a quarterback than Austin Davis? Hell no...
  6. How good is Cody Wichmann to have made the cut without being healthy all offseason? Probably ideal for the scheme.
  7. Who is Darrell Williams and how did he secure the 10th o-line spot? He out worked No. 11.
  8. For the first time in a long time the Rams only kept three tight ends. Why? Because the linebacker position can fill those special teams roles.
  9. Did Isaiah Pead not only make the team but earn carries as well? He is likely to be the number two back on opening day but probably will fade after a few weeks.
  10. Who gets cut when Trey Watts comes back? Chase Reynolds or no one at all.
  11. Is Sean Mannion really worth a roster spot? He probably could have cleared waivers.
  12. Why didn't Barrett Jones make the cut? He did everything right and never blew an assignment, but he also never moved anyone backwards which clogs holes.
  13. Does Malcolm Brown make the practice squad? Yes, but could become expendable if Watts isn't kept on the active roster.
  14. The Rams cut their final pick of the draft Martin Ifedi, so should they have used that pick on La'El Collins? Hell yeah, stupid!!!
  15. Will Louis Trinca-Pasat make it to the practice squad? Highly unlikely...
  16. Who is Cameron Lynch? A Dunbar clone with more speed and special teams ability.
  17. Will Bryce Hager have a bigger role than just special teams? It's possible he could see the field in subpackages but not often.
  18. After trading Zac Stacy and releasing Brandon McGee, Isaiah Battle and Rokevious Watkins, are the Rams wasting fifth-round draft picks? Yes...
  19. Will Barrett Jones be picked up? Teams like the Packers, Seahawks, Patriots or Steelers could all have a look at Jones.
  20. Is it shocking the Rams only kept eight D-linemen? Not really. While the D-line is one of the deepest in the NFL, it's also one of the most versatile as virtually everyone - except Robert Quinn - lines up everywhere.
  21. What's the likelihood the Rams finish the season with six receivers? 40/60.
  22. Who has more to prove Jones or Dunbar? Jones, as a former fourth-round pick and having no real game experience two years - and counting - later is alarming.
  23. Who is most likely to be brought back to the active roster first? Brandon McGee.
  24. Was Tim Barnes really so much better than Jones? No, but he was better overall by just enough.
  25. Will we see Austin Davis wear the horns again? It's likely he will sign on somewhere else. The Rams might have to trade for the guy they released. It wouldn't be the first time...
  26. What can a healthy and motivated Pead bring to the running back position? A faster Benny Cunningham with slightly less vision.
  27. What position will be the first the Rams look at on the waiver wire? Cornerback.
  28. How many players are the Rams likely to sign off waivers? No more than 3 if any.
  29. How many of the cuts will be brought back to the practice squad? Seven.
  30. Is keeping six receivers a sign of more volume from the passing game? Actually, it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility, but it's likely just for special teams depth.
  31. Will the Rams keep 10 linemen all season? It really depends on Saffold staying healthy and how well the line gels.
  32. Who will be the starting center: Tim Barnes or Demtrius Rhaney? Barnes.
  33. How did Rhaney make the cut? Versatility and physicality.
  34. Did Jeff Fisher just have another mini overhaul/infusion of youth? Yup!
  35. Is all the youth on this team a good thing? It should help with camaraderie, but penalties and mental errors are sure to continue.
  36. Which position group will be the most exciting and/or a thriller this season? The defensive line is good, but my money is on the secondary.
  37. What cut made the most sense? The fourth tight end. The top three rarely get hurt, and the need for linemen was too great.
  38. What cut made the least sense? Louis Trinca-Pasat. It's no secret the team would like to keep him around, and he's a poor man's Aaron Donald.
  39. Is the depth on the Rams' O-line going to be good enough? Let's hope we never have to find out...
  40. Should the Rams look to make some trades? Probably not with the scarce depth they have, surely they'll have to put up more draft picks.
  41. The last starter you want to see get hurt? Janoris Jenkins. Nick Foles is a close second, but this defense will likely be good enough to carry a backup. To lose a top corner again could be the straw that breaks the camel's back.
  42. Will Bradley Marquez be active on gamedays? Yes. He was not kept out of fear of being signed as he did not show enough to other teams in games. He was kept because of practice, and practice is how you steal playing time.
  43. How much longer does Chase Reynolds have before he actually gets cut? Probably after this year depending on how these young guys play out the season.
  44. Should the Rams sign Battle to the practice squad? No. Too much of a project and that time could be spent on someone closer to being ready to play.
  45. Will Jo-Lonn Dunbar wear the horns again? Probably not, as it would take a slew of injuries to the LB corps to create that need.
  46. How good will the special teams be with so much focus of the roster being based on it? Not too much better as the specials teams unit has been one of the best the last couple of years.
  47. How has Pead come this far? Injuries, contract years and anger has a way to doing that to you.
  48. Does it seem that Les Snead knows what he is doing? It has less to do with him and more to do with Fisher.
  49. Who's the best bottom of the 53 player to make it? Bryce Hager, and it's not even close.
  50. With a healthy and motivated Pead, where does this running back group rank over the last 4 years? At the very top.
  51. Could a specialist ever be cut in the preseason? Greg Zuerlien could be facing a make or break season, but it's also a contract year for him. He would be re-signed to a one-year prove it deal if it's not long term, and could be cut off that.
  52. Did Daniel Rodriguez ever stand a chance of making the roster? Not even the smallest of possibilities.
  53. How good can this team be? They can be pretty good, but will they? Well, that's a different story as they can be 10-6 but probably looking at 8-8...

The Rams have a tough opener against the Seahawks. To make matters worse, they do not have a healthy backfield. However, Seattle has an injured secondary and one of their best players still stands in a hold out with a trade possible. This could be a very good first game. These young players are going to have to step up big time.

On a team that lacks a healthy number of wily veterans, it will be interesting to see which young guys start to become more of the leader type.