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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Winners and Losers

The St. Louis Rams have finished their preseason going 0-4, but that's mostly unimportant. The only thing that matters is which players looked to have value for 2015 and who did not.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Can you feel it in the air? The NFL preseason is officially over and the St. Louis Rams finished their preseason without a win. Then again, this week was all about the players who had something to prove before the season starts. So for the last preseason game, the winners and losers may be even more important since it impacts their careers more immediately.


Tavon Austin

Austin has looked dynamic this preseason. The hope is that what he has shown so far have been glimpses of the future. If a picture is worth a thousand words, than this video should paint for you what Ram fans hope to see from the receiver.

Isaiah Pead

Pead actually looked well against the Chiefs. Pead ran tough and was able to bounce off of tackles, and looked solid enough blocking and showed he still has good enough speed. Granted, Pead does not play specials, but he should be good enough to play some snaps if the top three running backs are not able to go.

Second team defense

The second team's defense has shown flashes throughout the preseason, but this was their best contest so far. We saw veteran special team player Cody Davis steal a pick from the safety spot, Maurice Alexander came through with a big hit, the defensive line got in to the backfield and the linebackers continued to be tackling machines.

Offensive line

Well for the first time in the entire preseason, the Rams offensive line played like they were an NFL team. Granted, the first team was going head up against backup defenders, however even the Rams second and third team offensive line players had solid days. What does this mean? The Rams can block people off the street, next they just have to block the Seahawk rushers.

Greg Zuerlein

Greg "The Inconsistent Leg" has been okay in his career, but he does have the leg to make long kicks which is what we saw on Thursday when he made a 56/57-yard kick.


Austin Davis

Guess who did not throw a pass against the Chiefs...Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher said there would be a battle for the third quarterback spot, but it looks like Davis was not able to participate in it. Fans should write Austin Davis a card that says good luck and thanks for making some of the games last season matter, because it looks like his time with the Rams is over.

Daniel Rodriguez

He was a good storyline to follow during the preseason and training camp, but he was concussed last night returning a kick ending the game early for him and quite possibly his tenure with the Rams. The Rams really do not need Rodriguez, and he was outplayed at WR by Bradley Marquez. Both players could end up on the practice squad as a best case scenario for DRod.

Sean Mannion

Mannion looked pretty rough during the game. There were wide open receivers that could not catch passes thrown over their heads, and at time it appeared like he didn't think that defenders were on the receivers and could play the ball. He was pretty bad, but he will stick around.