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St. Louis Rams: Head Coach Jeff Fisher Tuesday Practice Press Conference Transcript

The Rams got their practice week started ahead of a Week 4 visit to Arizona.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

(Opening Statement)
"One of the good things about our schedule is that we were able to put…we’re 24 hours ahead of schedule right now. We’re able to put the last game behind us and get in the plan and we had a great exercise tonight. So we had good meetings and guys are excited about the game plan and we had most everybody out here today. (LB) James (Laurinaitis), we rested James. We’re just excited about playing the Cardinals right now."

(On resting WR Kenny Britt today)
"Yeah, we shut Kenny down, too. He’s got a little shoulder…he banged his shoulder a little bit in the game."

(On if Britt’s shoulder injury came from the last catch he made during Sunday’s game)
"No, it was prior to that."

They’re really well coached. They’re an elite team in the NFC right now. So we’re just going to go out and give it a shot. - Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On waiving RB Isaiah Pead)
"Difficult decision. Isaiah did a phenomenal job coming back off the injury. But with (RB) Todd (Gurley) now coming up and the potential for some other moves during the week, we just felt it was the best decision for us. So just really appreciate him and hope that he’s going to be available. We can turn to him if we need him, but we need to make some roster moves as we move forward during the week."

(On why he thinks Arizona is playing so well)
"Well they got three big wins. When you beat teams like San Francisco and Chicago and New Orleans the way they beat them, I mean they’re…that’s a respectable team. I mean, their defense is playing really well. (Cardinals QB) Carson (Palmer) is moving around. I wouldn’t have thought that you would get a quarterback at his age that’s showing the ability to move and escape the pocket and extend plays the way he does. He’s doing a really, really good job.  (Cardinals RB Chris Johnson) CJ’s come in and he had 100-yards plus last week, and so they’re really well coached. They’re an elite team in the NFC right now. So we’re just going to go out and give it a shot."

(On how big of a difference it is for the Cardinals to have QB Carson Palmer in the game)
"Well, it’s big for them. He and Fitz (Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald) have a great relationship. He’s got other good players around him. He’s making great throws and they’re making a lot of plays. Their defense is very, very aggressive. They challenge people. They’re really good against the run. They’re a 3-0 team that’s going to win a lot of games."

(On what has made Fitzgerald so consistent over the years)
"He has just a rare understanding of the game. He’s got great body control and hand-eye coordination and speed and he just gets open. You’re hearing a lot about these receiver-quarterback tandems with (Falcons WR) Julio (Jones) down in Atlanta and some of the other guys, but this one is special. They’re special together. Carson and Fitz, they’ve got it going, so we’re going to have to play really well."

(On what he’s hoping to get out of CB Brandon McGee)
"Just the things that he did for us on special teams prior to the injury. He’s up and we’re ready to go. He can do the gunner thing. He can be available for us on defense and then do some things in two of the three phases on special teams."

(On why McGee’s injury kept lingering)
"He re-aggravated it during the OTAs and then when he came back to camp he wasn’t ready to go. It wasn’t quite right. So, we had to rest and immobilize it. He’s got it behind him now. The last couple of weeks on the practice squad he’s been able to push through it, so we felt like he was ready to go."

(On adding WR Nick Toon to the practice squad)
"We interviewed Nick at the combine and watched Nick play. He had a great career up there and was surprised that he was out there. We worked out a group of receivers last week and just felt Nick was ideal for us to get him on the practice squad and get him in position to learn our offense. He did a great job today with the scout team. Smart player. Obviously, great heritage."

(On the defense moving into the top 10 this week and what that means to him)
"It means nothing. We’re 1-2. I would trade a record for having the first ranked defense. We moved into the top 10, but we have not made enough plays defensively to win games. We’re getting better, but we need to learn to win games on defense."