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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Halftime Interviews With Head Coach Jeff Fisher, QB Nick Foles & WR Tavon Austin

Here's what the Rams had to say at halftime.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher

(On how he feels his team played the first half)
"We like the turnovers. We got the turnovers. We got a defensive score finally, which is good. I thought (QB) Nick (Foles) put together a second drive which was good. We got (WR) Tavon (Austin) who made the big play. We got him out of the game. That’s what he’s here for. Now we’ll play a lot of young players."

Rams QB Nick Foles

(On if he feels good getting a chance to finish things off tonight)
"Yeah, absolutely. I think just another opportunity for us to go out there as an offense and play. Just getting the reps out there together is huge for us. Just bonding together, being in the game and just getting ready for our season opener coming up."

(On how he feels about where the offense is headed into Week 1)
"I feel good about it. We still need to continue to improve and progress, which we will, because we have the guys here, we have the coaches that, we come to work every day to get better. I feel good about where we’re at and I’m excited about where we’ll go."

Rams WR Tavon Austin

(On if it’s good to finish off the preseason by making a big play tonight)
"Yeah, definitely. Like I said, (Head) Coach (Jeff) Fisher said our plays were limited, so I had to go out there and try to make the best of something and give us a spark. I believe that’s what I did. Hopefully I just keep on doing that the rest of the year."

(On how he feels about what they were able to do this preseason as an offense as a whole)
"I feel like we definitely had our ups and downs, but we are bringing it together. It probably isn’t showing sometimes in a lot of these preseason games, but for the most part, we are still locked in on one mindset right now. Hopefully we come out next week and we’re going to show it. We’re going to work hard this week and hopefully we get a win."

Rams RB Isaiah Pead

(On if it felt good to get a few opportunities tonight to close out the preseason)
"Definitely, it’s always good to get out and contribute. Last game of the preseason, we need to give our fans a win and come out and do good."

(On if it felt good to get in the endzone again)
"Definitely feels good to get back in the endzone. Last time I did was against the Chiefs in the preseason a couple of years ago."

(On how he feels heading into Week 1)
"I feel confident in my abilities to help the team on special teams, of course offense, running back. Just get out and get the first win for the season."

Rams Linebacker James Laurinaitis

(On how he feels about the team playing tonight)
"Well it’s always hard…we don’t game plan for preseason, so really we have to stop them on that first sudden change situation. We can’t allow two running plays for a touchdown. I thought we responded well in the second series. We’ve been practicing really well. We had a really good week of practice considering the short week, but I’m just excited for the real deal to start."

(On where he feels the team is going into Week 1)
"I’m confident with what we got. We have a lot of the same guys back, same system. We’ve been practicing really hard, really well. It’s been good. But, you really don’t know until you go out there and play. I think the theme all offseason has been to start fast and what better challenge than the Seahawks Week 1."

Rams Linebacker Akeem Ayers

(On if it feels good to get a few more reps tonight)
"Just to be able to finish on a good note and have a good feel going into the first regular season game of the year. You want to know you’re going out feeling good with what you did and being able to move on from there."

(On where he feels the defense is at headed into Week 1)
"I feel pretty good. I think that we improve each week. We put some good stuff on film that we feel confident doing and that we know we can improve from."