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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs Live Thread

The Rams close out the 2015 preseason against the Chiefs with this year's edition of the battle for the Governor's Cup.

Kyle Rivas/Getty Images

The Rams and the Chiefs square off for the Governor's Cup to close out the 2015 preseason.

What's left to say? We know the purpose. This is the major audition for the players at the back end of the roster to make their case to stick around past Saturday's deadline to get the roster down to 53 Rams from its current population of 75. We know the likely candidates on the bubble. We know the Rams aren't treating the preseason as a process to get ready for week 1.

We know where we are. We know where we're going. But how we're going to get there, and who we're going to get there with, is yet to be determined.

So with the audition-ready players at full motivation and St. Louis fans coming from a rally to support the St. Louis stadium plan, it's going to be a spirited contest, even if in the end, the final score doesn't mean a thing.

This is the final chance for the Rams to answer some questions ahead of a week 1 clash with the Seahawks to open the season.

Time to close this preseason out.