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2015 NFL Preseason St. Louis Rams vs. Kansas City Chiefs: Players To Watch

The St. Louis Rams face off against the Kansas City Chiefs tonight. Although the game does not matter in the win-loss column, it does matter quite a bit for players on the roster bubble.

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

The preseason ends tonight for the St. Louis Rams with a home clash against the Kansas City Chiefs for the highly coveted Governor's Cup. This game is important for the players that are on the bubble, which means that players will put on their best performance to try and make the team.

Here are my players to watch for the final preseason game.

Sean Mannion

It makes sense that Mannion will run away with the third quarterback spot. He is competing against Austin Davis who has only thrown five passes in the preseason. Mannion was a third round pick this year that has been pretty solid throughout the preseason. This will be a slam dunk choice, but it is always nice to see a draft pick play well.

Barrett Jones

Jones more than likely will be the starting center for the Rams. Is he going to be great? He could end up being a solid offensive linemen for the team. He has had problems with bull rushes, but is an okay pass blocker. Tim Barnes could always be the starting center, but signs are pointing towards Jones.

Christian Bryant

Bryant was a seventh-round pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. This preseason has been his best chance to show his skills. He will have to play well enough to either make the 53-man roster or practice squad.

Isaiah Pead

If you would have told anyone before the season that Pead could see snaps against the Seattle Seahawks in week one, no one would have believed you. Now with the team's top three running backs more than likely not playing in week one, the team appears to be forced to use Pead, maybe only five or so carries or perhaps more. If Pead plays well this week, this would at least make me feel better about him playing.

Isaiah Battle

When the Rams drafted Battle in the 2015 NFL Supplemental Draft a couple of months ago, the team stated their plans to redshirt him. After watching him this preseason, I can see why. Now, maybe I have just seen a few bad plays, but right now he looks rough. Battle does need to develop, and if he is not going to play much in the season, then it would be good for him to play a long time tonight so that he can develop.

Ethan Westbrooks

Westbrooks was the surprise of the preseason last year. Obviously, he did not play too much, but the Rams kept him along to groom him as a successful defensive lineman. However this season, he changed positions from defensive end to defensive tackle and has struggled since. Can he regain the magic? Will the Rams keep him around for another season? We will find out soon.

Louis Trinca-Pasat

Normally, when I watch preseason games I keep an eye on players that I think will make the roster. While I was watching a couple of other players, he kept showing up during last week's game. I liked seeing him getting in to the backfield. I'm not going to pretend to be an expert on the UDFA, but he is an interesting player. Also, as I was looking in to the player, I found some good info on him that you can find here.

Stedman Bailey

Bailey has been pretty quiet during the preseason. He appears to have a role with the Rams offense, but who knows how big of one. It will be nice to see Bailey catch a couple of passes.

Demetrius Rhaney

Rhaney was one of three players competing for the starting center role. It appears as this Rhaney has lost the center battle and will be competing to be the sixth man on the offensive line. Last week, he played solidly  against the Colts at right guard, and this week he will gain more experience against the Chiefs. With the Rams depth on the line, Rhaney could play significant time during the regular season.