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Tuesday Evening Open Thread: Pead’s Gone...And I’m Here For You


Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Good Tuesday evening, Rams’ brethren.  I hope it finds you well.  On a night like tonight, given the happenings of the day, a random open thread is exactly what we need.  We need to be there for console a fellow Rams’ fan struggling to cope with the release of one of the team’s all-time leading....fumblers?


Worst Rams Draft Pick You’ve Witnessed?

Let’s face it...Pead’s probably not the worst draft pick the Rams have ever made, but there might be some out there willing to prove me wrong.  19 carries in four seasons [with three fumbles] is hardly what you’d expect from a 50th overall pick.

Maybe it was Sam Bradford?  He was taken first overall.  That didn’t really pan out.  Eric Crouch?  Even worse...he never even played.

Lawrence Phillips stacks up there with the all-time busts.  But were you a fan when that one went down?

What’s the worst draft pick the Rams have made since you’ve been a fan of the team?

PBJ or Grilled Cheese?

Two staples of every kids childhood [I think] were a good ‘ol peanut butter and jelly sammich and a grilled cheese.

If you had to pick one - saying goodbye to the other forever - which would it be?

Would You Rather?

*  Go back in time [pre 1800’s] and meet your ancestors

*  Travel into the future and meet your grandchildren

How’s Your Fantasy Team Doing?

On Saturday, four days after sending a text inquiring about nabbing a QB from a fantasy owner who had FOUR, I got a response:  "Foster or Ivory for Bridgewater or Palmer."

I’ll take a step back for a moment...I had no QB after Tony Romo went down.  I was relegated to starting Jameis Winston or...wait for it...Sam Bradford, both of whom would’ve been picked up on waivers.

My RB’s are also hurting...and not necessarily from injury.  Andre Ellington has been out for a few weeks.  Lamar Miller might as well be.

So trading Arian Foster was out of the question.

I replied "Ivory for Palmer," and within minutes he’d submitted the request.  I got 19 points out of Palmer, who’s a Top 5 fantasy QB at this point, and I picked up Bilal Powell off waivers to cover for Ivory for the week.  He got me 14.  Ivory put up a goose egg. 

I crushed my opponent 183 to 105.  That’s what having Julio and ODB can do for you.

It was a good week for me, and it looks like Arian Foster will soon be returning.  Advantage Brandon!

How’s your fantasy season going?


Talk about whatever else you want.  Hate a co-worker of yours and want to do terrible things to them?  I want to hear about it.  Tried to squeeze one out today and shat a little?  I’m all ears.


Lastly, I’m not worried about the Cardinals.  I’ve seen the Rams play a red hot Cardinals team before.  So has Kevin Kolb. Ask either of us how that one went...though only one of us cares to [has the ability to] reflect back on that one.