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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: How To Rank 6-Point Rams?

Six points isn't ever going to help you out in the major power rankings.

Dilip Vishwanat/Getty Images

Now sitting at 1-2 with two consecutive losses, the St. Louis Rams are finding themselves in the annual slide into familiar territory in the major power rankings.

Average ranking (# of rankings) 19.38 (8)
Average change from last week -0.75
Highest ranking (source) 14th (CBS - Kirwan)
Lowest ranking (source) 28th (CBS - Prisco)
Biggest positive change (source) +6 (CBS - Kirwan)
Biggest negative change (source) -4 (FOX Sports)

SB Nation: 18th (15th)

ESPN: 19th (19th)

Todd Gurley gained only 9 yards on his first six NFL rushes. Rams running backs have combined for an NFL-worst 111 rushing yards this season. 17th (15th)

"Same old Rams." It was a mantra former 49ers safety Tim McDonald delivered straight to the NFL Films camera during San Francisco's 44-10 smackdown of St. Louis 20 years ago, which helped send the Rams spiraling from 5-1 to 7-9. In 2015, Rams faithful got all "Fifty Shades of Grey" hot over a 1-0 start after an opening win over a Kam-less Seahawks team in OT. Now, two weeks and two losses later, the reality of another 7-9ish season is starting to creep, creep, creep up on these guys. Next up: Litmus test 101, at Arizona.

CBS Sports (Prisco): 28th (27th)

At 1-2, their start has to be considered disappointing. They just aren't good enough on offense. Now they face a tough division game at Arizona.

CBS Sports (Kirwan): 14th (20th)

The defense did their job against the Steelers this week, but Nick Foles needs to be better, and there needs to be more of a commitment to the run, especially in a one-score game. The Rams had 18 total carries split among five runners.

Yahoo! Sports: 21st (20th)

They didn't really beat Seattle, right? There's no way they could have looked so good against the Seahawks and so bad in the two games that followed. Must have been a hallucination.

Pro Football Talk: 17th (16th)

Based on Sunday’s crowd, Stan Kroenke possibly thought he’d built a new stadium in Pennsylvania.

FOX Sports: 21st (17th)

The Rams have yet to gel along the offensive line, and the entire unit has been stagnant thanks to a lack of talent at wide receiver. The Rams have one of the NFL’s elite defensive lines, but it’s not enough to carry an entire team.