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D'Marco Farr on the Intrisic Value of Numbers And Losing

Things didn't go so well on the Fast Lane the other day...

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

In case you missed it, a certain former-player-turned-radio-host who shall not be named (just kidding y'all, it was D'Marco Farr) got a little upset on the Fast Lane radio show the other day. It's understandable. We all get upset. Rams fans especially, considering the fact that the team failed in 2012, 2013, 2014 and now is on track to fail again in 2015.

But that's probably a reason why criticism is warranted. The Rams could have beaten the Steelers, but didn't and that's why we're upset. Thankfully, I listened to him explode on air about it in order to pull some serious words of wisdom.

Here's D'Marco on the Rams terrible run game:

"Those are just numbers"

Numbers like...

2/10 on third down?


0/2 on fourth down?


0% red-zone efficiency?


2.31 yards per run by our vaunted running backs?


The fact that we had more than double net punt yards than rushing yards?


D'Marco Farr's 36.5 career sacks in 100 games?


"Don't point to the same nonsense over and over again and say that's why you lost."

You know what would be funny? If I had a quote of him saying the EXACT SAME NONSENSE A MINUTE LATER RIGHT BELOW:

"Don't go point to this is why, this is why, this is why..."

Third down is a problem. We need to improve that on both sides of the ball. The run game offensively needs to get better.

-Jeff Fisher 9/21/2015 on the loss to Washington

Well okay Fish, but fool me once, right?

Yeah, we expect that as we have to get our run-game going as well, so we’ll see.

-Jeff Fisher 9/22/2015

But it's not like I have three quot...oh, wait I do:

Our issue is on third down offense. Converting third downs and then making plays in the plus territory.

-Jeff FIsher 9/28/2015 on the loss to Pittsburgh


"If you catch the bomb, you score there, and you probably win the football game"

So...he's necessarily not wrong's just the wrong guy caught it.

Totally unrelated, but a great pickup by Tre. It's a good thing it wasn't a run, otherwise it would have just been some nonsense number.

"Break it down like it was a win"

Break It Down like a Win


"Why have fun making fun of it"

I'm not an English expert, but isn't that the point of making fun of it? If we didn't, we wouldn't get great images like the one below. I don't think anything has moved that fast on this turf since 1999.

"They're 1-2. It's not like they are 0-3"

Sounds WAAAY too much like numbers to me. I'm not even touching this one.

"Even with the running game that's non-existent, if you have tight ends that catch, you win that game."

It's not like we just re-signed Lance Kendricks to a huge contract or anything. Or the fact that Jared Cook was hand-picked as our top offensive weapon by the coaching staff.

If only we lived in a fantasy land where tight ends caught all their passes. Numbers wouldn't exist, box scores would say things like, "GREAT EFFORT" and "TRIED, NEXT TIME!" and the Rams would go win sixteen an undetermined amount of games en-route to the Super Bowl (which, of course, is no longer numbered).

"I didn't see anybody laughing at the Rams"

Hooray for polls!