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Random Ramsdom 9/29: The Elusive Winning Record

After winning the first game, the Rams took the shortest route possible back to a losing record.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Week Three

A recap of the tightly fought game that the Rams came up just short in.

Firstly, the offense isn't going to do us any favors this season.

The Rams only lost by six, and they failed to score a touchdown--key misses such as Lance Kendricks' catch played a factor.

The offense wasn't expected to do much, and they did even a little less than that.


The Rams often come up a yard or two short on 3rd down this season, and that needs to stop.

Myles Simmons breaks down Jeff Fisher's press conference.

Fisher discusses current matters of the team.

Laurinaitis enters the team's record book.

Some owners have aligned themselves against a Rams move.

The Rams are signing another receiver, but we still need offensive linemen.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Rams stayed in last place for a while.

Both have rather shoddy numbers, but who is better? Or worse?

Around the NFL

This seems to be the year of the backup.

The Cardinals, who boast an impressive defense, also lead the league in points currently.

They've yet to rush for 70 yards in a single game this season.