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Rams-Steelers: What did the Most Recent Letdown Teach Us?

Defense stands tall, Offense displays ineptitude - again.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

1) The Offense can't get out of it's own way

For as good as the TEs played against the Seahawks, they've been as bad - or worse - the past 2 weeks. Cook played like garbage and again looks unwilling to block. Kendricks (or handbricks if you prefer) drop killed any positive momentum the Rams had going in the 2nd half - and cost them the game.

The Rams receivers need remedial training on how to convert 3rd down. Here's a clue...RUN PAST THE FIRST DOWN MARKER!!!!

And the penalties have to stop. You should never have a 3rd and goal from the 19 yard line.

2) But there are glimmers of hope

Nick Foles is doing his part. The stats might not be there, but he has looked good behind a horrid OL. Yes, his first pick of the season was an ugly one, but given the status of the run game he has performed admirably.

Kenny Britt played like a #1 WR Sunday. He was the go-to receiver and everyone knew it - and he still produced. With fellow WR Brian Quick's role on the team unclear (Doghouse?, Setback?), Britt's role in the Offense will only continue to grow.

Tavon Austin can be a WR too. He didn't have a single carry or explosive play, but caught all of his targets. While he didn't have the impact he had in the first 2 games, he showed that he can be a reliable receiver as well as lightning in a bottle.

3) The Rams still struggle to win close games

This roster's youth combined with their propensity to make dumb mistakes at critical junctures is bad juju. This has the potential to stay with the team for the duration of the season.

4) This Defense is on the precipice of being legit

While it still needs some work, when everything clicks this unit is scary. The ability showed up all over the place yesterday.

- Robert Quinn had a strip sack
- Aaron Donald was spawn camping per usual
- Michael Brockers got in on the backfield action with a pair of TFL
- Alec Ogletree was a beast
- Janoris Jenkins had a pick

If this unit could play every game like they did yesterday, the Rams will always be within striking distance - and up to the Offense to win the game.

5) Fisher was outcoached for the 2nd consecutive week

It was clear to anyone watching that the Rams were getting blown up when trying to run the ball on 1st down. The 2nd half of this game was eerily familiar to the 2nd half of the Redskins game last week. The Rams came out hot and built some momentum, only to have it killed by a simple mistake. Fisher needs to step his game up if he wants to avoid being 1-4 going into the bye.