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Man Crush Monday: Offensive Standout, ST Consistency, or Defensive Dominance?

One player looked good on a bad unit and another looked great on a dominant unit. Throw in a ST player doing everything he's asked and you have a pretty well rounded group this week.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

If I would have told you last week that the Rams would hold the high-flying Steelers Offense to 259 total yards and 12 points, you'd 1) tell me that I was crazy and 2) think that the Rams would probably win that game. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case as the Offense was fighting against itself all day.

The Defense, on the other hand, dominated. After giving up 2 long drives of 77 and 92 yards respectively to start the game, the Rams only allowed the Steelers to gain an additional 90 yards for the rest of the game. Yes, some of that was because of the injury to Big Ben, but nonetheless extremely impressive against an offense still featuring Antonio Brown and Le'Veon Bell.

1) Kenny Britt

You could argue that Britt outperformed the aforementioned Brown yesterday. He was 6 yards shy of matching Brown - and would have without the bogus incompletion that ended the Rams final drive. But he did that on 4 less receptions, meaning that his YPC was 14.6 vs Brown's 9.8.

Forgetting stats for a moment, Britt performed yesterday like the Rams expected him to perform when they brought him back. He accounted for 102 of the Rams 258 Offensive yards (39.5%). While in a loss, that is the type of performance that the Rams need moving forward.

2) Alec Ogletree

'Tree followed up his Week 2 performance with another dominant showing vs. the Steelers. He had 9 tackles (5 solo), 2 sacks, another TFL, and a QB hit to boot. He's a true sideline-to-sideline LB that is proving to be a steal from the 2013 NFL Draft.

Another thing he's doing? He's moving up the Rams off-season priority list.

3) Greg Zuerlein

This isn't so much a single game accomplishment as a season (to date at least) performance. He's in a contract year and has done everything the Rams have asked him to do thus far in 2015. It's been unspectacular for Legatron, but he seems to be on his way to a contract extension this offseason.