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St. Louis Rams 6, Pittsburgh Steelers 12: Todd Gurley's Debut Marred By Offensive Hellhole

The defense kept them in it. The offense took them out of it.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

You could point to the Lance Kendricks drop.

You could point to a single target for WR Stedman Bailey.

You could point to Jared Cook's performance across the entire game.

You could point to Nick Foles' boneheaded late interception.

You could point to the offensive coaching briantrust.

You could. But you shouldn't.

You should point to the rushing game as the main reason the St. Louis Rams lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers, 6-12.

On a day where Rams fans were excited to herald the era of Just Todd Gurley beginning, the Rams ran him six times for nine yards. Fellow RB Tre Mason ran it nine times for 16 yards.

The identity Rams Head Coach Jeff Fisher stressed and promised and built for is failing.


Consider the week-to-week team totals:

  • Week 1: 26 rushes, 76 yards (2.92 yards per carry)
  • Week 2: 13 rushes, 67 yards (5.15 yards per carry)
  • Week 3: 18 rushes, 71 yards (3.94 yards per carry)

The offensive line looks horrible in the run game. The running backs, and now we can include Todd Gurley, aren't elevating the rushing attack beyond the offensive line. And the passing attack isn't anywhere near dynamic enough to open things up for the rush.

With the lack of punch from the ground game, the Rams are now 1-2 and facing a two-game road stretch before the Week 6 bye.

For today, it's a missed opportunity for a performance that held the Pittsburgh Steelers and that vaunted 2015 offense to just 12 points.

And Rams fans know what missed opportunities look like.