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Report: St. Louis Rams Work Out Seven WRs Ahead Of Steelers Game

The Rams brought in seven wide receivers for a work out. None have signed. What gives?

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

File this one under "peculiar."

ProFootballTalk's Mike Florio is reporting the Rams worked out seven receivers this week...for reasons undisclosed. The seven wideouts were:

  • Nick Toon: A standout at Wisconsin, Toon was a fourth-round pick for the New Orleans Saints in 2012. The son of former NFL great Al Toon spent all three of his NFL years in Nola.
  • Isaac Blakeney: Blakeney is a 2015 UDFA who latched on to the San Francisco 49ers this offseason, though he wasn't able to make it through cuts.
  • Kain Colter: A former QB in college at Northwestern, the Minnesota Vikings picked him up as a 2014 WR/RB/athlete combo player. Many remember him more for his fight to unionize college football players.
  • DaVaris Daniels: Another player with NFL bloodlines, Daniels' father, Phillip Daniels, played in the league for 15 seasons. DeVaris is another 2015 UDFA.
  • Jordan Leslie: 2015 UDFA numero tres. Leslie played his college ball at UTEP and BYU.
  • Tyler Rutenbeck: A DIII player, Rutenbeck spent some time this offseason with the Indianapolis Colts.
  • Taylor Washington: I sincerely have no clue who this is.

In classic Florio fashion, there is some baseless speculation:

The Rams currently have six receivers on the roster, and none are injured. It’s possible one or more are currently residing in coach Jeff Fisher’s doghouse, and that the tryouts were aimed at getting their attention.

I mean, it wouldn't change anything to call out Brian Quick by name, but hey. Whatever gets you to kickoff.