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Random Ramsdom 25 September: Gurley Suspense Builds

Will he play? The team likely wouldn't tell us even if he was...

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Defense Looking to Put WAS Game Behind Them | 101 ESPN

And to get to Big Ben.

Gurley's Debut would Ease Pressure on Foles | AP

I agree, but I don't want any pressure on that knee until its 100%

Rams Toast if they Don't Pressure Big Ben | Cover 32 Rams


Antonio Brown Spells Trouble | ESPN

The secondary is gonna have their hands full this Sunday.

Are the Rams Contenders or Pretenders? | ESPN

The next three games will answer this.

Gurley will Help, but isn't Cure for Rams Issues | ESPN

Also, #noshit. That lies with a functional OL

JL55 Still Salty about Loss | ESPN

Hard to blame him.

Rams Still Fare Well in Playoff Odds | Football Outsiders

They currently check in at the #6 seed in the NFC. Just behind.... the 0-2 Seahawks

'Upset' if Gurley Plays | Fox Sports

So much for optimism, though he says he's ready

Brian Quick a Healthy Scratch? | StL Today

I don't buy it, but I wouldn't put anything past Fisher at this point.

Key Matchups | Penn Live

A lot of names from the trenches here. And for good reason.