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Random Ramsdom 24 SEP: Does Kroenke have THE 'in' to LA?

Well this is interesting...

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Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Rams Share Practice with Team Legends

Redskins Wrote Blueprint for Rams Opponents | 101 ESPN

They used Gregg Williams' aggressiveness as a weapon in the Run game to great success. It would behoove the Rams to prepare for more teams to attack their D in this manner.

As Schedule Toughens, Rams Face Familiar Challenges | 101 ESPN

Run the ball! And Tackle! That is all.

Opposing QBs Completing 81% of Passes | AP


Is LA Only Getting 1 Team? | PFT

Stan Kroenke would like this option very much

Areas to Improve | Ramblin Fan

Run game, penalties, yada yada yada... we all know what's going on

Donald to Dictate Rooting Interest of Family | ESPN

Having family in for a game is nice and all, but Aaron Donald won't have his family bringing their Terrible Towels.

Bleacher Report Unanimously Picks Steelers in Week 3 Matchup | Bleacher Report

Can't blame them, but the Rams could find themselves on the other side of a trap game this week. The Steelers may be looking forward to their matchup with the Ravens in Week 4

5 Rams that Need the Boot | Cover 32 Rams

Isn't it a bit early for a firesale?

Fisher Expects Munchak to Slow Pass Rush | ESPN

That's kinda what you have to to vs. the Rams

Le'Veon Bell Set to Return | ESPN

After seeing the Redskins trample the Rams D, Bell terrifies me.

Offense Struggling to Sustain Drives, Keep D Fresh | ESPN

Hard to sustain drives with the penalty and OL issues they had on Sunday.

But Hey! Hekker was Awarded POW Honors | ESPN

He could have won on sheer volume alone.

Tomlin Sees Greatness in Donald | ESPN

Praises AD99's work ethic and much more. Consider him impressed (and tired)

Steelers to Continue 2 Point Conversion Trend | ESPN

The Rams better be prepared for some short yardage situations...

Rams Rank 19th in PFF Power Rankings | PFF

But this is more telling....

Cornerback Trumaine Johnson has only been targeted four times this season. He has an interception, a pass defense, a 3-yard catch allowed, and an 8-yard catch allowed. That adds up to an NFL passer rating allowed of 16.7, second best in the league for cornerbacks.

Gurley "Week-to-Week" | Ramblin' Fan

I'm failing to understand how this designation is an upgrade over 'questionable'. But hey, I don't make the rules...

Keep-Away is the Name of the Game | StL Today

And the Rams suck at it.