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Wednesday Evening Ramsdom Open Thread: September 23


Monica Schipper/Getty Images

Howdy, Rams’ fans.  Hope this Wednesday evening finds you well.

What do you want to talk about?

Got something on your mind?  Trivial thing in your life that a few of humpday’s finest might be able to help you get past?

If not, let’s just talk about anything...

Rams vs. Steelers:  Who ya got?

I’ve seen a lot of people - mostly those making 16 game predictions - quickly skate over this one as if it’s a given.  I’m not sure why.  Please help me understand.

Cat or Dog person?

I’ve got two dogs and two cats.  That sucks.  I’m a dog person, but I married into two cats.  I’ll admit, sometimes the cats aren’t so terrible.  Mostly terrible though.  And I’m pretty sure they’re almost as old as me....and will live just as long.

Are there other critters in your house?

What Band/Artist Do You Loathe?

I was just in the TST Slack chatroom and somehow the band "311" came up.  I’ve never gotten down on their music.  I don’t hate them, but I just could never pick up what they were putting down.

What’s the band/group/artist you HATE the most?  [Let’s try to keep it somewhat respectful with our responses.  Focus on the music, yanno?]

What’s Your Favorite TV Show of All Time?

If I had to pick one, let’s say I was relegated to a desert island, I’d take Seinfeld 10 times out of 10.  I don’t keep stats on it, but I’d be willing to bet I watch it, on average, 1+ times a day.

Post script:  Damn you, Dave Chappelle.  You took something away from me.  Something I loved.