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St. Louis Rams: Head Coach Jeff Fisher Tuesday Practice Press Conference Transcript

Here's what Fish had to see after the first of three practices this week as the Rams get ready to face the Steelers on Sunday.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

(On how he thought the team looked today)
“Well, they bounced back. We had some kind of reload, recover stuff this morning and got a good start on the plan and I thought they worked really good today. They have a short memory, which is important. We got things corrected, like we said yesterday. Now we have a great challenge on our hands with this coming opponent.”

(On his concern facing the Steelers run-game, specifically RB Le’Veon Bell and RB DeAngelo Williams)
“I’m concerned. Our defense is concerned. We have respect for them. We know that it’s going to start there. Other than that they have an outstanding passing game. They have a quarterback that can throw it all over the place. They have a couple of the best receivers in ‘ball. So they’re balanced and this will be probably one of our biggest, at least this far this season, will be our biggest offensive challenge from the defensive standpoint.”

(On what makes Bell a versatile running back and what makes him difficult to defend)
“Yeah, he is. I mean the screen game. He’s good in protection. For a big back, he can bounce out. He can take the cut back. He can come out any place. In addition to that, he’s really good between the tackles. It’s just, we have to do much better in our gap fits and our run responsibilities and try to get them in third down and get off the field.”

(On if he expects to see a lot of Bell)
“Yeah, we expect that as we have to get our run-game going as well, so we’ll see. It’s early in the week, the plan looks good right now and we’ll continue to adjust things and put things in. Hopefully we can have some success.”

(On if he’s waiting to see how RB Todd Gurley performs this week to determine his game status)

(On how Gurley looked at today’s practice)
“He looked great today. (He) feels really good. As I said, he had a really good workout prior to the game and he’s in good shape. He’s excited and we’ll just see what happens.”

(On WR Brian Quick’s status)
“I have not ruled him out. He’s physically able to play, so we’ll see what happens.”

(On what kind of asset Steelers Offensive Line Coach Mike Munchak is)
“He’s very, very thorough up front. You can just watch three or four plays of their offensive line and say to yourself, ‘That’s a Mike Munchak coached offensive line.’ They’re very sound. They’re very aggressive. They’re very patient. They finish. They rarely make mistakes. Mike’s really good - and what we have to adjust to is – Mike’s really good at taking special defensive players away, especially if you have rushers. I would expect they would pay a lot of attention to where (DT) Aaron (Donald) is and to where (DE) Rob (Quinn) lines up. They just don’t get their quarterback hit. Their game is about (QB) Ben (Roethlisberger) buying time, buying time and moving around and making the off-schedule play down the field.”

(On if after he left Tennessee if there was any talk about finding a role for him with the Rams)

(On Steelers’ WR Antonio Brown)
“He has a great compliment around him. When you’ve got a run game, you’ve got a quarterback that’s experienced and can see and make the throws down the field, they work really well together. He can really run. They’re in sync. Rarely is there a throw where they’re not on the same page. They back-shoulder fade, he catches the deep ball, he catches the shallow cross, he catches the bubble screens. He’s just a really good player. You have to know where he’s at.”

(On if pressure is the key is to controlling Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger)
“Pressure is the key to stopping any quarterback. I don’t think you stop him. I think you have to tackle, you have to minimize gains and you have to make plays and hope he throws a few incompletions.”