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St. Louis Rams At Washington: Silver Linings

Looking at the silver linings after the 24-10 loss to Washington in Week 2.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

It is about time to switch gears from looking back at Sunday's loss to preparing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. We've still got time though to look at the outcome of the Washington game one more time. With a ton of negative comments about the Rams after the loss, there has to be a silver lining somewhere right?

The use of Tavon Austin

One of the biggest complaints that the Rams have faced has been the usage of Tavon Austin. Austin has not looked the part of an 8th overall selection, yes there have been flashes of a talented lighting in a bottle. There were weeks last season where the Rams did not use Austin at all.

Two weeks into the season, it appears as though the Rams have realized that their offensive line and receiver play is horrible so they have been finding ways to involve Austin. Last week, Austin was on the field for 35 out of 52 plays, and the gameplan was heavy on him. When the Rams weren't handing the ball off or throwing the ball to him, they were putting him in motion or running plays where the defense would have to key on him. Austin is not at the level the Rams need him to be yet, but he is getting there.

The Rams are not last in the division

Yes, the Rams lost to a team that many people thought they would easily beat last Sunday, but there are still 14 games left in the season. Of course, this loss feels like the same old sad story, but the season is not over.

Being the second in the division is not the same as the season being over in Week 2.

The Rams got a reality check

One of the biggest measures of a good team in the NFL is how they bounce back from losses. Every team will lose a game this season. At the end of the day, it does not matter how many games that you lose; all that matters is that the team wins enough to make it to the post season.

Against Washington, the Rams were outplayed and outcoached. The score was closer than it probably should have been. This game should have reminded the coaches that the offensive line is still poor, and that Kenny Britt and Stedman Bailey and the rest of the receivers can't just run on the field and go catch 10 balls a game. The Rams need to run the ball well if they are going to win.