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Random Ramsdom 9/22: "They Are Who We Thought They Were"

To quote Dennis Green, this team is exactly who we thought they were. They beat the Seahawks to open the year, which inspired some quick conclusions, but they followed it up, in true-to-form Rams fashion, with a loss. Maybe we let week one go to our heads, maybe we're letting week two go to our heads, but right now, they are who we thought they were.

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Week 2

Fisher's lost another winnable game, and here are his answers.

A reminder of the Rams-Redskins game that was.

Here are five things we gained from the Rams and Redskins game.

The offense looked... bad.

And he isn't kidding. For once, I thought this team was above losing winnable games--guess not.

And they shouldn't. We can stop Marshawn Lynch, but Matt Jones is unstoppable?

Yeah, we're just riding the current theme still.

I'm not even sure how to take this, but I guess saying anything bad about them would come off awkwardly after defeat.


Myles Simmons analyzes Jeff Fisher's press conference.

Gurley may or may not play next week, but he'll debut sooner rather than later.

Here are three positives we can take from the Rams thus far and three negatives.

So far, I have to say Foles is better, but his better needs to get better because neither has looked great.


Romo goes down, and suddenly, the NFC East is wide open.

I mean, the Eagles are a mess, the Cowboys are hurt, and that leaves it between the Giants and Redskins... interesting.

The Raiders beat the Ravens. The Jaguars beat the Dolphins. The Redskins beat the Rams. It's crazy out here.

Stastically, yes, he does have the worst yards per carry of all time through two games. Wow.