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Jeff Fisher Approval Rating: First Loss Aftermath

After dropping the first contest of the 2015 season, we want to know how Jeff Fisher's approval rating changed.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Well, mob squad quickly turned into a sob squad after the effort the Rams put forward against Washington.

It’s all behind us now, Week 3 is in the books, and theres no need to dwell. They’ll watch tape and make improvements and adjustments before next know the drill.

Now, as will happen every week throughout the season, we’ll ask you to rate Jeff Fisher and his performance afterWeek 2:  a 24-10 loss; and a game that most fans thought should've been an easy victory for the Rams.

Same scale as before:

1=here’s the door, watch your ass when we slam it shut

10=what size HoF jacket do you wear?

I haven't made it too clear in the past posts, but base your votes not only on this week, but the off-season and the previous weeks. Just put a larger emphasis on the most recent game, since it's fresh in our minds.

Things to consider this week:

Team’s readiness to face Washington.  Did you think they weren’t prepared or was something else at fault? The team’s personnel decisions, game plan, play calling, time management, yada yada yada.

The defense gave up way too many rushing yards and the offense couldn't put the ball in the end zone - well, they scored 10 points. Ten points won't beat the worst teams in the league on most days.

You can also consider things like his decision to sit Gurley one more week, might not have changed the outcome, but who knows? Also Brian Quick was a healthy scratch – which is puzzling to many fans.

I won’t drag this post out, just let us know how you feel by voting in the poll and in the comment section.