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What the Beatdown Taught Us

We all know the game was ugly by now. Can we draw any lessons from the destruction?

Matt Hazlett/Getty Images

I'm not going to continue to rehash how terrible the Rams were on Sunday. We all know that they sucked and got demolished - but is there anything that we can glean from looking back at the Rams performance (if you can call it that)?

1) Tavon is (Still) not a bust and Cignetti is a Better OC

He was the only player to be able to reliably get big chunks of yardage. When he was cramping up Cig tried substituting the other fast WR (Chris Givens) on an end around. That didn't work out so well. Each passing week shows us that Tavon wasn't the issue in his first 2 seasons. Brian Schottenheimer was.

2) The Rams were a Big Play Away from Tying the Game

With as bad as they played in the first half, they were never really out of the game until the end. Until the Rams gave up a 77 yard TD drive in the 4th quarter, all they needed was a big play and the game would have been tied. They had an opportunity in the 3rd quarter too. Tavon had 2 steps on the secondary and had a clear path to the end zone - but Foles overthrew him badly.

3) Alec Ogletree Makes other LBs Look Bad

Ogletree was a tackling machine vs the Redskins. So much so that he made everyone else on the defense look bad - which they were for the most part. I love JL55 as much as the next guy, but he looked overmatched compared to Ogletree. While I don't put too much stock into the 16 tackles, Ogletree is emerging from JL55's shadow as the best LB on the team.