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Man Crush Monday: Consistency

Jeff Fisher has been unable to turn the youngest team in the NFL (for 4 years running) into a consistent winner. I want consistency!

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Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

That was ugly. The Rams found a wealth of ways to impress us in Week 1, then promptly fell on their face in Week 2. A Jeff Fisher team isn't going to win many games when running the ball 13 times vs. 32 passes.

Week 2 returns Aaron Donald and Tavon Austin to the discussion, while Alec Ogletree replaces Nick Foles in the battle for your sentiments. Normally I don't like to list the same players in MCM, but there weren't many players worth gushing about this week.

Alec Ogletree

Ogletree was left cleaning up messes yesterday. While Jordan Reed burned him a few times and too many of his tackles came when chasing Redskins down, he was the only player that seemed capable of reliably making stops past the LOS.  But 16 tackles (8 solo) and a TFL are worth some recognition.

Aaron Donald

It's crystal clear that Donald is the best player on the Rams, possibly in the entire NFL right now. He again made it his duty to be in the offensive backfield as much as possible, though the Redskins seemed to scheme for that a bit. He has been an absolute beast the first 2 weeks and each passing game makes you wonder just how good he can be.

Tavon Austin

Also clear after week 2: Tavon Austin is the key to this offense. When he went out with cramps, it was plain as day. They tried substituting Chris Givens on an end around when Tavon was cramping up, but that ended disastrously. When he returned, he immediately ripped off a 10 yard gain. Cignetti is scheming Tavon into the offense in a way that Schotty never could, and it is looking like he's onto something.