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Rams vs. Redskins Recap: The Quick Five

The Rams, fresh off a huge victory against the Seahawks, proceeding to drop an egg in Maryland.

Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

What a fun weekend of football, amirite? The Rams, fresh off their Super-Bowl, Playoff Clinching, On-The-Road, Come-From-Behind Overtime-Almost-Blew-It Victory, lost handily to the Washington Redskins. On paper, it looked like the Rams had the upper hand. They were the favorites. They were coming off a hard-fought win.

But hey, 1-0 bitches. That's all that really matters. At least, that's what it felt like.

Michael Wilbon, Oracle of Football

The Quick Five

Aaron Donald, DT

Let's start out positive, shall we? The Rams made a great pick in Donald. He's easily in the running for best pick of the draft. Was it worth passing up Zach Martin (a pro-bowler as well)? Considering how awful the Rams offensive line has been, it's certainly a debatable position.

red down

Janoris Jenkins,CB

When the announcers said Jenkins' is the Rams 'ace' corner, I cringed. Four years into the league and he still bites on moves, even when there is no safety help over the top. He still refuses to learn how to properly tackle. He's shown a willingness in run-support, I'll grant him that. But does anything think he's worth a big contract this off-season? It's time to stop riding on your rookie campaign and actually show up.

red down

Rob Havenstein, RT

Havenstein had a VERY rough outing against Washington. Near the end of the first half, the Redskins lined up in a prevent formation with 3 lineman. They still had pressure on the right side. Unfortunately, there isn't any other alternative.

red down

Jared Cook, TE

I gave Cook an up arrow last week for his blocking and receptions. This week, he returned to form. His best block? a weak-ass attempt that stalled the Rams drive because of a blatant face-mask. His best reception? Pick any one of his drops. Lance Kendricks asked for a bigger role in the passing game this off-season, and I can't think of a reason why he shouldn't get his wish at this point.

Tavon Austin, WR

Tavon Austin still has a lot of questions to answer before he can consider him a 'made' pick. But the offense had a spark with him on the field, even if for an instant. The Rams need to continue to find ways to get him the ball as he was the only one who was capable of moving it farther than a yard off the line of scrimmage.

Final Thoughts

  • Nick Foles had plenty of excuses this week, but he didn't do anything to improve the offense either. Key misses throwing behind Jared Cook and throwing ahead of Tavon Austin cost the Rams dearly.
  • I give the RBs credit, they didn't have anywhere to go but still were able to pick up positive yards. With the offensive line playing the way it did, that's impressive.
  • Alec Ogletree was the best linebacker on the field, although he struggled in coverage against Jordan Reed.
  • LaMarcus Joyner continues to improve. I hope the Rams get him more time with the defense.
  • Special teams was impressive this week with multiple near-blocks and a few great tackles on punts (of which there were plenty).
  • The Rams picked eight players from the RG3 trade. RG3 didn't play. The Rams still lost.
  • Tevin said the Redskins would win. BOO THIS MAN AND HIS ACCURATE PREDICTIONS.