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PHOTOS: New St. Louis Stadium Proposal Renderings Show Surrounding Area Plans, Cross-Section Details

The stadium's the centerpiece, but the proposal includes a lot more in the surrounding area.

HOK, the architectural firm designing the stadium for the St. Louis Stadium Task Force's proposal, released some new renderings that not only show more detail in the stadium but expand the design details to the exterior and surrounding areas.

Architects imagine an arena with more plazas and gardens than parking lots, with more bridges and bike trails than roadways, with more daily attractions than football games. New stadium designs, revealed publicly for the first time, show a wall of public art, a three-story brew pub and a 30-foot-wide observation deck that stretches over the Mississippi River flood wall.

The piece expands on how HOK had to design around some constraints in the area, chiefly the railways and the grade change on the land as it slopes into the banks of the Mississippi River.

Renderings don't change the course of events, of course, but they do help put some lipstick on the final presentation the task force will give at the NFL Owner's Meeting in October.