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Aaron Donald Is Wrong, Even When He's Right

Apparently Aaron Donald is always so good, that his good is wrong, and his wrong is good, but he is always wrong...

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Look up!!!

Take a long hard look at the picture of Aaron Donald. That look of confusion had to be the look he gave when he was given praise on being so good at something that he was bad at it.

Over at, NFL media analyst Bucky Brooks gave out mid-term grades to the young NFC players so far through the preseason. He only chose one player per team. He chose Aaron Donald to represent the Rams.

Here's what he had to say:

St. Louis Rams: Aaron Donald, DT


Strengths: Donald is an absolute monster as an interior defender. He wrecks offensive schemes with his first-step quickness, agility and burst at the point of attack. In addition, the second-year pro is a strong run defender with the power and explosiveness to walk blockers into the backfield. Most importantly, Donald is a proven playmaker adept at creating disruption on inside plays. Against the Colts on Saturday, he showcased his immense talents as a run defender by notching three consecutive tackles in the second quarter. Donald takes those aforementioned traits and creates chaos as a pass rusher. He shows excellent snap-count anticipation, and he wins with speed, power or finesse on the interior. With Donald also displaying exceptional hand skills at the point of attack, the Rams have a dominant young defender to build around.

Weaknesses: It's hard to knock the 2014 Defensive Rookie of the Year after watching him dominate the Colts. He can improve his hand usage and leverage, but Donald is such a destructive player that he can overcome his technical flaws.

What he needs to work on: Donald likely will see a limited amount of snaps in Week 4, but coaches would still surely love to see him make a few splash plays. Coach Jeff Fisher would be thrilled to see Donald get into a groove and hit the ground running when the regular season opens.

Fair to say he struggled in finding an issue with Donald's game. He praised Donald for "displaying exceptional hand skills at the point of attack", and later said that hand usage was something that he could work on.

Does this mean that Aaron Donald is so good that it makes it hard to find an issue with his game, leaving one to name his positives as negatives for having so many positives?

The only logical answer is that Aaron Donald is always so good, that his good is wrong, and his wrong is good, but he is always wrong.