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St. Louis Rams At Washington Redskins: Five Redskins To Watch

Looking at the five players that could make an impact for Washington.

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins will be hosting the St. Louis Rams this Sunday and will attempt to win their first game of the season. Whether or not the Redskins will be able to pull the win out is up in the air.

Eddie P wrote about the five Rams to watch heading into the game, and I'm taking the Redskins to watch.

QB Kirk Cousins

It does not matter how you get the job, just that you get it. That appears to be the case for Cousins. There are not many people that would argue that Cousins is as good or better than the formally decorated quarterback Robert Griffin III. Regardless on the why, all that matters is that Cousins will be the starter when the Redskins host the Rams. Last week was not his best game, though. He threw two interceptions: one, a horrible pick where the defender read the play perfectly on a ball that should not have been thrown, and the second interception was an "I'll give my guy a chance," but the secondary made a great play.

RB Alfred Morris

Morris proved against the Miami Dolphins that he was not an afterthought by carrying the ball 25 times and rushing for 121 yards. Morris looked great against the Dolphins, there were several times throughout the game where the offensive line did not get a push, but Morris somehow found a way to have a positive game. The Rams could have their hands full with this underrated runner.

TE Jordan Reed

Reed is the number one receiving threat for the Redskins going into this week's matchup. Do not consider Reed a tight end, consider him a receiver because he will make dynamic plays and he will not block a soul. The Redskins used him all over their formations, he looked just as good getting open on the outside as some wideouts.

DE Jason Hatcher

The veteran defensive lineman was impressive last week against the Miami Dolphins, finishing the game with four tackles and sacks. He uses his power to be disruptive and to get into the backfield. He will be an interesting match for the Rams offensive line that was solid against the Seahawks.

WR Pierre Garcon

With Desean Jackson missing the game this week, the veteran receiver will be forced to be the go-to guy. Garcon is their version of Kenny Britt, he can get open and get some yards after the catch, but he is not a number one receiver. With all of that being said Garcon can still have a solid game and could be a redzone threat.